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Famous Surnames and Popular Family Last Names in the United States : We ranked the most popular surnames existing in the United States according to the 2010 United States Census from Smith to Wilson. Each of the famous surnames includes a description of the history, origin, and famous people that share the family name. Some famous surnames are not just popular as a family last name, but also as a first name of a celebrity, such as William the Prince of Wales who married his commoner bride, Kate Middleton from Buckleberry, England. More famous families last names well known in the United states include Cyrus, Trump, Manning and more.

#1. The Smith Surname and Smith Family History
The Smith surname comes from the Anglo-Saxon word, "smitan" which means smite or strike stone. In medieval times, many people using the Smith last name made a living by working as blacksmiths or men who work with metal. This was one of the ealiest occupations earning prestige as of the first jobs requiring skills.
Origin : English
Variations : Smyth, Smythe, Schmidt
Famous : Will Smith (actor), Theobald Smith (Scientist)

#2. The Johnson Surname and Johnson Family History
The Johnson family name means the "the son of John". Throughout time, the Johnson family name was very popular within Europe's Christian community because of the love for many of the Christian saints, such as John the Baptist and St. John the Evangelist.
Origin : English
Variations : Johnston, Jonson, Jonsen, Johanson, Johnstone
Famous : Andrew Johnson, Don Johnson (actor)

#3. The Williams Surname and Williams Family History
The Williams surname or family name originates from the personal name, William. In the German language, Will means to have desire and helm means helmet or protection, so put together William means the desire to protect.
Origin : Norman
Variations : Willaim, Willimon, Williman, Williamson
Famous : Serena Williams (tennis star), William (England's Prince of Wales)

#4. The Brown Surname and Brown Family History
This surname brown hair or brown skin. As a way to describe a person's skin color, hair, or garments it turned into a very common surname in England.
Origin : England
Variations : Browne, Browning
Famous : Sir John Brown (mayor of London 1480), J.P.S. Brown (western novelist), Margaret "Molly" Tobin Brown (survived the Titanic)

#5. The Jones Surname and Jones Family History
The Jones surname means the son of John or God has favored or gift from God. Jones is the most common family name in Wales.
Origin : Welsh, English
Variations : Johnson
Famous : James Earl Jones (actor), Catherine Zeta-Jones (actress), George Jones (Country Music Singer)

#6. The Miller Surname and Miller Family History
This surname orginates from the occupation of a man who owned or found work in a grain mill.
Origin : English
Variations : Millar, Mills
Famous : Dennis Miller (American TV personality), Ralph Miller (American engineer of the Miller cycle), Ryan Miller (NHL Hockey Player)

#7. The Davis Surname and Davis Family History
This surname orginates from the the son of David meaning the beloved.
Origin : English, Welsh
Variations : Davies, David, Davidson, Davison
Famous : Jefferson Finis Davis (President of the Confederacy), Jonathan Houseman Davis (Frontman for musical group, Korn), Betty Davis

#8. Garcia Surname
This surname orginates from the the son of Garcia who could have lived in Garcia, Spain and meaning the bear.
Origin : Spanish, America, Phillipines
Variations : Garsia, Garzia, Garzya, Garcea
Famous : Jerry Garcia (Grateful Dead lead singer)

#9. Rodriguez Surname
This surname orginates from the the son of Rodrigo meaning the famous power.
Origin : Spain, Latin America
Variations : Rodriques, Rodrique, Roderick, Rodiger
Famous : Alex Rodriquez (Third basement for NY Yankees), Michelle Rodriquez (American Actress)

#10. The Wilson Surname and Wilson Family History
This surname orginates from the the son of Will and is a nickname for the personal name, William. The first known record of the Wilson family surname is in Berwickshire where the family ruled during ancient times.
Origin : English, Scottish
Variations : Willson, Wilsone
Famous : Carl and Dennis Wilson (Rock and Roll Stars of Beach Boys), Thomas Woodrow Wilson (28th President of the United States)

#11. The Anderson Surname and Anderson Family History
This surname means the the son of Andrew. In Scotland, the Anderson surname was first recorded in the Great Glen and Strathspey, which was controled during ancient times by the Andersson family. The people with the surname later migrated to England, where the surname lost the additional S to be written as Anderson.
Origin : Norman
Variations : Andersson
Famous : Pamela Denise Anderson (Sex Symbol and Actress), Melissa Sue Anderson (played Mary Ingalls on Little House on the Prairie television series), Samuel Anderson (Early American Legislator)

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