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newt gingrich family
Newt Gingrich Family
Newt and His Wife, Callista Bisek Gingrich
  Finally Newt Gingrich shows promise of meeting his ultimate goal, being the President of the United States after years of serving in the Legislative branch. The Newt Gingrich family share an interesting story that serves as the foundation of Newt Gingrich's success in politics. While each Republican candidate can trace their ancestry to a given part of the country, the family tree of Newt Gingrich plants its roots in the state of Pennsylvania after coming from Germany and Scotland. We will examine the family history of Newt Gingrich past and present that made him in the man that the Republicans might choose to face off with President Barack Obama in the 2012 Presidential election.

Newt Gingrich Biography
Newton Leroy Gingrich (McPherson) (born. June 17, 1943)
Newt Gingrich was born as Newton Leroy McPherson to young parents Kathleen Daugherty (16# and Newton Searless McPherson on June 17, 1943 in the Harrisburg High School. Newt's ancestry is deeply routed in the state of Pennsylvania dated back to the 1600s and 1700s when his ancestors first arrived in America from Scotland and Germany. Newt's father signed up with the Navy soon after marriage, but the marriage to Newt's mother ended shortly after he was born. Later in life, Kit Gingrich met and married Bob Gingrich who then adopted Newt. At this time, the world opened up to Newt because his nearsighted vision was corrected.

Newt ended up marrying three times in his lifetime and not without controvesy. In 1962, Newt married his High School geomety teacher, Jackie Batterley, he 19 and she 26. The couple shared two daughters, Kathy Gingrich Lubbas (President of Gingrich Communications# and Jackie Gingrich Cushman #author and political commentator). Newt coauthored the book 5 Principles For A Successful Life with dauther, Jackie. Together with Kathy, Newt produces public policy documentaries. Newt's marriage with Jackie ended in 1980 after he began an affair with much younger, Marianne Ginther. The marriage with Marianne Ginther was rocky, especially in 1993 when he met his third wife, Callista Bisek , a staffer in the House of Representatives born in 1962 and 37 years younger than him. Newt says he is finally happy in marriage with the young, Callista Gingrich.

Newt Gingrich Family Tree
Newt Gingrich Mother - Kathleen Daugherty McPherson Gingrich (1925-2003)
Kit Gingrich led a hard life that started with the violent death of her father in a railroad accident when she was only 14 years old. Her mother crumbled emotionally after losing her husband and failed to support the family adequately. Kit started working for a cleaning service in their home town of Hummelstown. At 16, her mother did not set boundaries for her which led to a relationship with 19 year old Big Newt McPherson. Once pregnant, her mother forced Kit to marry big Newt. The married ended not long after the birth of her son. Later in life she met a hard nosed military man, Robert Gingrich, with who she married and had 3 daughters Susan #Snow#, Roberta, and the much younger Candace. Newt Gingrich Maternal Grandparents :
f: Jacob Leroy Daugherty (ca 1890 - 1939)
  Died in a railroad accident when his daughter Kit was 14 that devastated his family.

m: Ethel M. Hendricks (ca 1896 - 1942)
Ethel Daugherty worked as a teacher and inspired her grandson to read and increase his vocabulary. Newt Gingrich's public speaking skills can be attributed to his grandmother Daugherty.

Newt Gingrich Father - Newton Searles McPherson (12/24/1923 - 10/1970)
Big Newtie as Kit Gingrich calls him was not the ideal husband and father. He served in the Navy and was reported to be abusive to his young wife, which ended their marriage after their son Newt was only 3 days old.

f: Robert Nelson Kerstetter (1888 - 1930)
Newt's paternal grandfather was quite the ladies man. His ancestry can be traced back to Johann Martin Kerstetter I, born in Germany and settled in Lancaster, PA in the early 1770s. Robert Kerstetter had married at least 3 women in his short life and sired 10 children in wedlock. He never married Newt Gingrich's grandmother. She was 15 and Robert was 37. He worked in a steel machine plant as a hand borer. He did not live long after the birth of Newt Gingrich's grandfather.

m: Sarah Louise McPherson (1905 - 1982)
Newt's maternal grandmother's family hails from Scotland. She became pregnant to a married man at the age of 14. In an effort to cover up her pregnancy, the parents raised Newt Searles McPherson as their own son.

Newt Gingrich Adopted Father - Robert Gingrich ()
Drafted into the Army during the war. He is described as a strict totalitarian who never gave Newt or his half sisters any credit for being successful at anything. Newt learned how to debate with hard nosed opponents through his volatile childhood with Bob Gingrich. Bob Gingrich adopted Newt and had 3 daughters of his own with his wife Kit, Susan (called Snow), Roberta, and Candace.

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