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The Nikki Haley Family
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nikki haley family
The Nikki Haley Family
Nikki Haley with her mother and father
A rising star in the Republican Party, the Nikki Haley family captivates the American people with their immigrant story of hope and change. Calling themselves the Original 6, Nikki along with her parents, two brothers, and a sister banned together to build a life in the small South Carolina town of Bamberg, South Carolina. In 2010, Nikki became popular in the media as the first nonwhite governor in the State of South Carolina known for being the location of the start of the Civil War.

How did Nikki Haley grow up to be such a success in business and politics with so many isolating boundaries placed by the Old South? We can find these answers inside her family history. Who are the members of the Nikki Haley family tree that shaped her road to the South Carolina Governor’s mansion and now being the talk on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC?
"I saw how hard it was to make a dollar; and how easy it was for the government to take it way"
~ Nikki Haley

Nikki Haley Biography
Nimrata Nikki (nee Randhawa) Haley (b.Jan 20, 1972 [Bamberg, South Carolina])
Parents : [father - Dr. Ajit Singh Randhawa] and [mother - Raj Kaur Randhawa]

Nikki Haley was born Nimrata Nikki Randhawa on January 20, 1972 in the town of Bamberg, South Carolina to two parents who immigrated from their family homes in India during the 1960s. She grew up very close to her parents and siblings because of the racist undertones that blocked her from enjoying many personal freedoms such as competing in a simple town beauty pageant or entertaining guests in their home. Her mother began a business selling Indian fashions from their home that eventually grew into a multi-billion dollar company. Nikki Haley learned about her passion for handling business finances as a teenager working for her mother. The experience also developed her philosophy against big government and taxation.

Nikki received a degree in Accounting from Clemson in 1998. Immediately after college, Haley managed an accounting department at FCR Inc., a Waste Management Firm based out of Charlotte, NC. After a few years working in corporate America, Haley returned home to Lexington, SC to continue working as the Controller for the family business. In 2004, Haley threw her hat into the political ring landing an office in the South Carolina House of Representatives, unseating an incumbent that served for over two decades. Meeting a higher challenge, Haley became the governor of South Carolina in 2010. In 2012, Nikki Hale is called upon to speak at the Republican National Convention.

Nikki Haley Family Tree
Nikki Haley Mother - Raj Kaur Randhawa
  (b. ? [India] )

A s>
Maternal Grandparents :
f: ?
m: ?

Nikki Haley Father - Dr. Ajit Singh Randhawa (b. ? [Inida] - ?)
Coming from an honorable family in Punjab, India, Dr. Randhawa set sail for America in 1963 with his devoted young wife, Raj. The two landed in Canada where Dr. Randhawa earned his education in the field of Biology. The couple moved to South Carolina in 1969 in order for him to take a job as professor in the Biology department of Voorhees College.

Paternal Grandparents :
f: ? (b. ?)
m: ? (b. ?)

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