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one direction family
One Direction Band Members
Zayn, Louis, Harry, Liam, and Niall
One Direction is the hottest boy band imported directly from Britain. Simon Cowell discovered the group while auditioning young talent for the English version of the X-Factor. Each One Direction member, (Naill Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, and Louis Tomlinson) auditioned for the televised talent show separately, but were not successful alone. Simon Cowell understood the potential of putting the young male performers together and One Direction was born.

Who are the family members of One Direction that helped shaped them into a worldwide sensation for tween girls all across the globe? The multi-cultural One Direction family trees range from ancestry in Ireland, Britain and even Pakistan, in the case of Zayn Malik.

One Direction Biography
Niall Horan (b.Sept 13, 1993 [Mullingar, Ireland])
Parents : [father - Bobby Horan] and [mother - Maura Horan]

The blonde band member is a Virgo and a hopeless romantic with a love for the 1970s classic film, Grease. Niall attended Colaiste Mhuire in his hometown Mullingar, England for his secondary school education. His parents, Maura and Bobby Horan divorced when Niall of One Direction was only 5 years old.

Zain "Zayn" Malik (b.Jan 12, 1993 [Bradford, England])
Parents : [father - Yaser Malik] and [mother - Tricia Brannan]

Known as the vain one of the band One Direction Zain even went as far as changing the spelling of his first name. Zain was born to parents, Tricia Brannan and Yaser Malik. His father grew up in Pakiston and gives Zain his dark Arabic good looks. Zain is the older brother to three sisters, Doniya, Waliyna, and Safia which he says help him to understand women. Known also as the wild child of the bunch, Zain printed himself with multiple tattoos. Making a family connection on his chest, Zain inked his grandfather, Walterís, name written in Arabic. In 2012, Zain put family first and flew home to attend his auntís funeral. The band supported him in his time of grief while they continued the United States leg of their tour.

Liam Payne (b.Aug 29, 1993 [Wolverhampton, England])
Parents : [father - Goeff Payne] and [mother - Karen Payne]

Liam Payne of One Direction is born to parents Karen and Geoff in Wolverhampton, England. He has two sisters, Ruth and Nicola. His playful nature surfaces with his love for the Toy Story movies. He does not like girls that swear, look too showy with lots of jewelry and itís a no on fake tans too.

Harry Styles (b.Feb 1, 1994 [Cheshire, England])
Parents : [father - Des Styles] and [mother - Anne Twist]

Born in 1994 in Cheshire, England, Harry is the only son to divorced parents Anne and Des Styles. After moving around a bit with his mother after his parentsí divorce at the age of 7, Harryís mother married Robert Twist. Harry also has a sister named, Gemma. Currently, Harry lives with his favorite band mate, Larry Tomlinson in North London.

Louis "Larry" Tomlinson (b.Dec 24, 1991 [South Yorkshire, England])
Parents : [father - Mark Tomlinson] and [mother - Johanna Tomlinson]

Louis Tomlinson is the oldest member of One Direction. He was born in December 1991 to parents, Johanna and Mark Tomlinson. In 2011, his parents separated. Louis has four sisters named, Charlotte, Felicite and twins Daisy and Phoebe. He hit it off quite well with the youngest member of One Direction, Harry Styles. The two live together in a flat in North London when they are not touring with the band.

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