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The Paul Ryan Family
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Paul Ryan family
The Paul Ryan Family
Paul Ryan with wife Janna Ryan and their 3 children Liza, Sam and Charlie.
The Paul Ryan family is deeply rooted in Wisconsin with a legacy of entrepreneurial spirits starting businesses from nothing and as attorneys. One family member, Paul Ryan, is now the running mate for Mitt Romney in the 2012 Presidential Election. Paul Ryan is the son of a lawyer, Paul Murray Ryan, and Elizabeth Ryan, a home maker. The construction company that his great grandparents started practically built the Paul Ryan's hometown of Janesville, Wisconsin.

Paul Ryan gains from his Midwest family a strong work ethic and a conservative philosophy towards financial matters. He is quoted as saying, Borrowing and spending is not the way to prosperity. This quote by Paul Ryan says it all about his fiscally conservative philosophy for balancing the National budget.
Paul Ryan grew up working for the family business and learning how to succeed when dark days come to your family, such as when his father passed When Ryan was only 16. He forced to grow up and help his mother get their family back on track. On Capitol Hill, Paul Ryan is known as the gym rat and a very prolific fundraiser .. two qualities necessary for success in public office.

Today, Paul makes a home in Wisconsin with his wife, Janna Little Ryan, a former tax attorney from Oklahoma, and their three children, Liza, Sam and Charlie Ryan.

Paul Ryan Biography
Paul Davis Ryan (b. Jan 29, 1970 [Janesville, Wisconsin])
Parents : [father - Paul Murray Ryan] and [mother - Elizabeth (nee Hutter) Ryan]

The Paul Ryan biography begins with his birth in 1970 to an attorney, Paul Murray Ryan and Elizabeth Hutter Ryan. Paul Ryan attended Joseph Craig High School, but his world completely changed at 16 when he found his father dead of a Heart Attack in his bed. This experience led him to understand how social programs worked and that living a healthy active life was necessary to live beyond the years of his father, grandfather, and great grandfather. He is an avid bow hunter and his fellow congressmen nicknamed him the ”gym rat” due to his dedication to working out his body indoors and out.

Paul Ryan earned a Poly Science degree from Miami University of Ohio. He supported himself through college as an Oscar Mayar salesman, even driving the wiener mobile. When he graduated, Paul Ryan assumed role in the marketing department for the family construction business started by his great grandfather in 1884. Ryan Inc Central is now operated by Paul Ryan’s cousins.

Paul Ryan moved to Capitol Hill slowly working his way into politics. He got his start working as a legislative aide first for Senator Bob Kasten and then Sam Brownback. Eventually, he worked with his mentor, New Republican Representative Jack Kemp. While chiseling his way into politics, Paul Ryan worked as a waiter and fitness trainer to meet his bills.

Paul Ryan Family Tree
Paul Ryan Wife - Janna (nee Little) Ryan (b. 1969 [Madill, Oklahoma])
Paul and Janna Ryan grew up very much alike. Janna Little Ryan grew up within a strong political, although Democratic, family in Madill, Oklahoma. Janna Ryan's parents are Dan and Prudence Little, who are both lawyers. The town of Madill, Oklahoma is actually named after her ancestors. She acquired a degree in Spanish from from Wesley and a law degree from George Washington University in 1988. She gave up her as a lobbyist for healthcare issues when she married Paul and chose to keep their home in Wisconsin, which is located on the same street that Paul grew up. She is not always alone raising their young children because Paul never acquired a residence in Washington because he prefers to come home to his family on weekends.

Paul and Janna Ryan met when they were both working in Washington during the late 1990s. Janna Little was an Oklahoma tax attorney doing work in Washington. Both share a love for healthy living and the outdoors. In 2000, Paul proposed to his lovely wife while fishing in his home state of Wisconsin.

Paul Ryan Father - Paul Murray Ryan
  (b. B. July 23, 1931 [Wisconsin] d. August 1986 [Wisconsin] )

Paul Ryan’s father, Paul Murray Ryan, worked as a lawyer and shared an office with Democratic Senator Russ Feingold. He died at the age of 55 from a heart attack and served as a push for his son, Paul, to lead a healthier life than his ancestors.
Paternal Grandparents
    f: Stanley Martin Ryan (b. June 1, 1898 - d. Mar. 9, 1957)

    m: Edith Irene (nee McCarthy) Ryan (b. Mar. 29, 1897 - d. Dec. 1983)

Paul Ryan Mother - Elizabeth (nee Hutter) Ryan (b. August 1934 [Wisconsin])
Paul Ryan’s mother, Elizabeth Ryan, raised Paul and his sister, Janet, and brothers, Tobin and Stan from their home in Wisconsin. When she lost her first husband, she stepped out of the home to start her own interior design business.
Maternal Grandparents
    f: Dr. Adolph Matthew Hutter (b. Nov 26, 1905 - d. June 19, 1985)

    m: Janet (nee Kay) Hutter (b. ? - d. Oct. 1991)

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