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The Prince George royal family and the world eagerly awaited the arrival of the new HRS Prince of England, Prince George Alexander Louis, born to parents Prince William and Duchess Catherine of Cambridge. Prince George will become the most photographed wee baby in the universe. What a joy! Making history : His father is royal born. His mother is a commoner. The history of both Windsor and Middleton families and how they joined together to bring into the world, Prince George is a story in itself.

The birth of Prince George rocked the world on July 22, 2013. His parents, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge presented His Royal Highness on the steps of St. Mary's Hospital in London England.
The name of the Prince came the following day and is a tribute to Queen Elizabeth II's father King George VI, who also was the stuttering King portrayed in the film, The King's Speech. Prince George took his first trip today to the hometome of his mother to spend his first few weeks of life.

What Is New With Prince George :Prince George is here and ready to make royal history!

Kate Middleton Biography
Catherine Elizabeth Middleton - born Jan 9, 1982

The royal mum, Kate Middleton took her place in history as the future Queen of England. Many critics expect her to make strides as a beloved servant to the public much like her mother in law, the late Princess Diana Spencer.

Now known as Princess Catherine to the British people, the prince is the first commoner to marry an heir to the British royal thrown after centuries of royal marriages. Since a commoner cannot attain the title of prince, she is officially Duchess Catherine. Although this young lady does not have royal blood running through her veins, she was raised with an education fit for a royal prince. Kate Middleton is the eldest daughter of self made millionaires, Michael and Carol Middleton. Princess Kate and her two siblings, Phillippa and James, attended the prestigious boarding school at Marlborough College. This $30K education allowed her to excel in academics and as an athlete on the field hockey field, as well as a runner for the cross country team. Later Kate Middleton attended the Univerisity of St. Andrews to study Art History and where she will meet her prince charming, Prince William.

After graduating from St. Andrews, Kate became a media darling as the fairy tale relationship between Kate and William splashed across the news screens and magazine pages. She worked for the company Jig Saw and later became a huge contributer to the success of her family's online business, Party Pieces. Now she plans the wedding of the century for William and Kate to walk down the isle of Westminster Abby on April 29, 2011 (which also marks the Feast of St. Catherine) and officially join her family tree with the royal family line. Now Kate can help prep Prince Harry's longtime girlfriend, Chelsy Davy family for their future with a princess.

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