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The Kate Middleton Family

kate middleton family

Kate Middleton Family
Kate with Parents Carol and Michael Middleton
  The Kate Middleton family tree of England : Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, shook the western world when he married his future Queen, Katherine Middleton, on April 29, 2011 in Westminster Abbey. The royal couple celebrate two years of wedded bliss and the amazing joy of their first child and new heir to the English throne on July 22 2013. Due to newly adopted English laws, no matter if the new baby is a prince or a princess, he will take his place as third in line to the throne of England.
What is new with the royal baby : New royal parents, Wills and Kate, introduced HRH Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge on the steps of Saint Mary's Hospital in London, England.
Kate paid homage to her late mother in law, Princess Diana, wearing a polka dot dress during this historical moment. His royal title will be HRH Prince George of Cambridge.

Who are Kate Middleton's Ancestors? Now commoners of the Middleton family history will link forever with the British royal family headed by Queen Elizabeth II, one of the premiere famous families in the world. For starters the Kate Middleton's paternal Middleton family tree has a long history of middle class business owners, while the maternal side finds its roots in the lower middle class as coal miners.

Princess Catherine is a breath of fresh air with her critically acclaimed sense of style and congratulated influence in the family business, Party Pieces. The Middleton family business, Party Pieces, boasts its millions in profits with corporate offices originating from barns and sheds. Find some unique wedding gifts made by small business in America similiar Kate's family founded company. Now with the royal status, the sky is the limit for the Middleton family business. Now the people with the Middleton last name share one of the most famous surnames in the world, the Windsors. See the royal family and their guests in their fancy royal wedding hats and fasteners and headpieces.

Kate Middleton Biography
Catherine Elizabeth Middleton - born January 9, 1982

The Kate Middleton biography is just beginning. As she takes her place in history as a future Queen of England, many expect her to make strides as a beloved public servant much like her mother in law, the late Princess Diana Spencer.

Now known as Princess Catherine to the British people, the princess is the first commoner to marry an heir to the British royal thrown for centuries. Since a commoner cannot attain the title of princess, she is officially Dutchess Catherine. Although this young lady does have royal blood running through her veins, she was brought up with an education fit for a royal princess. The daughter of self made millionaires, Michael and Carol Middleton, Princess Kate and her two siblings Phillippa and James attended the prestigious boarding school at Marlborough College. This $30K education allowed her to excel in academics and as an athlete on the field hockey field, as well as a runner for the cross country team. Later Kate Middleton attended the Univerisity of St. Andrews to study Art History and where she will meet her prince charming, Prince William.

After graduating from St. Andrews, Kate became a media darling as the fairy tale relationship between Kate and William splashed across the news screens and magazine pages. She worked for the company Jig Saw and later became a huge contributer to the success of her family's online business, Party Pieces. Now she plans the wedding of the century for William and Kate to walk down the isle of Westminster Abby on April 29, 2011 (which also marks the Feast of St. Catherine) and officially join her family tree with the royal family line. Now Kate can help prep Prince Harry's longtime girlfriend, Chelsy Davy family for their future with a princess.

Kate Middleton Genealogy and Family Tree
The Kate Middleton genealogy roots join the working class laborers of her mother's family tree with middle class family members of Michael Middleton's line. Kate Middleton's parents met and started their life together working for the airlines, but later became self made millionaires which enabled them to give their eldest child, Kate Middleton an education fit for a princess or future Queen of England.

Kate Middleton's siblings :
Younger Sister - Philippa "Pippa" Charlotte Middleton Biography

Born in 1983, Pippa Middleton, the younger sister to Kate and a graduate of University of Edinbourgh. After college, Pippa Middleton worked for the family business doing party planning and writing an online blog promoting the family business titled, The Party Times. The Pippa Middleton biography is very fascinating.

Kate's Younger Brother - James William Middleton

A jovial young fellow who like his sisters acquired his childhood education at Marlborough College. James Middleton is proving to have the same entrepreneurial spirit as his parents. After working for the family party business, James branched off to form a Cake decorating comopany named the Cake Kit.

Kate Middle's Maternal Family Tree
Mother - Carol Elizabeth Goldsmith Middleton

Born January 31, 1955, Carol met her husband as an airline stewardess and he a pilot. They married in 1980 and began their wildly success business in 1987 which rose them above the middle class life as self made millionaires.

Grandmother - Dorothy "Lady Dorothy" Harrison Goldsmith

Born June 26, 1935, Kate Middleton's grandmother, Dorothy, was nicknamed Lady Dorothy due to her desire to be more refined amongst her coal miner family upbringing. In the 1930s, her parents moved their family from North East Hetton to Ealing located in west London. This move opened up Dorothy's opportunity to marry her husband Ronald, a builder.

Great Grandmother - Elizabeth Temple Harrison

Daughter of Thomas Temple and Elizabeth Myers and sister to Esther Temple.

Great Grandfather - Robert Harrison

Started his working life in the coal mines with his father John, but after his father's death, his mother Jane got him a job working as a carpenter's apprentice. He traveled the countryside where he happened upon his future wife who shared his desire to move away from poverty.

Grandfather - Ronald John James Goldsmith

Born in 1931, The maternal grandfather to Kate and a builder by trade and at times a lorry driver.

Great Grandmother - Edith Eliza Chandler Goldsmith

After her husband's early death from emphysema, Edith worked in a Jam factory to support herself and her youngest two children, including Kate Middleton's grandfather, Ronald.

Great Grandfather - Stephen Charles Goldsmith

Believed to be Kate Middleton's connection to the Jewish faith. Stephen Goldsmith fought in WWI and developed emphysema which led to his death.

Kate Middleton's Paternal Family Tree
Father - Michael Middleton

Grandmother - Dorothy Martin Middleton
Grandfather - Peter Middleton
Great Grandmother - Olivia Lupton Middleton
Great Grandfather - Noel Middleton

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