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queen elizabeth ii children

Queen Elizabeth II Children
Charles, Anne, Andrew and Edward
  Queen Elizabeth II Children and Grandchildren : Queen Elizabeth II married her husband Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh on 20 November 1947 in Westminster Abby. Together Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip share four children, Charles, Anne, Andrew and Edward. Queen Elizabeth II became a mother by first giving birth to Prince Charles in November 1948 and then Princess Anne arrived in April of 1950. While Queen Elizabeth's Children were just toddlers, she acsended the throne and had her coronation in June 1953.
In the past a new Queen would take her husband's surname, but Queen Elizabeth 2 decreed that herself and her children would remain under the House of Windsor. This royal decree was necessary to combat her father's decree that no royal styles will be granted to someone with a German surname, such as Prince Phillips surname Mountbatten. These denouncements of German surnames as a British royal name was a public relations move during the first World War. Interesting enough, both Prince Phillip and Queen Elizabeth II share the same great great grandmother, Queen Victoria.

Queen Elizabeth II Children and Grandchildren
Charles, Prince of Wales
Prince Charles (full name : Charles Philip Arthur George Windsor) is the eldest child and son to Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip of Edinburg born on November 14, 1948. Originally, the playboy prince, Charles settled down in 1981 to marry his first wife, Lady Diana Frances Spencer, on July 29, 1981. During their rocky married filled with tabloid stories, the couple provided to sons to the English monarchy, Prince William and Prince Harry. On April 26, 1996, the couple dissolved the royal marriage in divorce. In 1997, the beloved Princess Diana died in a fatal car crash with her then lover, . Later on April 9, 2005, Charles married his long time love

Anne, Princess Royal
Princess Royal Anne (full name : Anne Elizabeth Alice Louise Windsor) is the eldest daughter to Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip of Edinburg born on 15th day of April 1950. Princess Anne is known for her equestian skills and extreme devotion to charitable works. On November 14, 1973, Princess Anne married her first husband, Mark Phillips. while married to Mark Phillips the couple introduced her two children, Peter and Zarrra Phillips. The couple chose not to give them royal styles. On April 24, 1992, Princess Anne divorced Mark Phillips. Later she met and married, Timothy Lawrence. Anne's eldest child, Peter married his wife Autumn Phillips and gave her a grandchild, Savannah Phillips. In March 2011, a sibling will be born for Savannah.

Prince Andrew, Duke of York
Prince Andrew (full name : Andrew Albert Christian Edward Windsor) is the third child and second son to Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip of Edinburg born on February 19, 1960. Prince Andrew well known for marrying his firey red princess, Sarah Fergusen. Together and apart Prince Andrew and Sarah Fergusen's exploits are legendary. On July 23, 1986, Prince Edword married Sarah Fergusen in Westminster Abby. while married to Sarah the couple shared the raising of Princess Beatrice of York and Princess Eugenie of York. The girls share their parent's knack for drumming up controversey as evident when they worn very flamboyant hats to the wedding of their first cousins, Prince William and Kate Middleton. Prince Andrew divorced Sarah Fergusen on May 30, 1996.

Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex
Prince Edward (full name : Edward Anthony Louis Windsor) is the fourth child and third son to Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip of Edinburg born on March 10, 1964. Prince Edward is known is known as the theatrical prince. Prince Edward resigned from his family's occupation in the military to find his place in the theater where he eventual founded the production company, Ardent Productions. On January 6, 1999, Princess Edward married his lovely wife, Sophie Rhys-Jones. Prince Edward is the only royal sibling that remained married to his first spouse. Prince Edward and Sophia together raise Lady Louise Windsor and James, Viscount Severn.

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