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Queen Elizabeth II Family

queen elizabeth ii family tree
Queen Elizabeth II Family Tree
  The Queen Elizabeth II family is filled with centuries of British Royal monarchs and tradition. She is the mother of four children, Charles, Anne, Edward, and Andrew. Queen Elizabeth II herself is the 32nd great granddaughter Of the first effective King of England, King Alfred which reigned from 871-899. HRH Queen Elizabeth II children and grandchildren complete her line with Charles, Anne, Andrew and Edward. Prestige mixed with scandal follows this very notable royal family tree. Scandal is primarily why the former HRH Princess Elizabeth became Queen of England due to her own uncle, Edward VIII adbicating the throne to her father George VI in order to marry the divorcee American socialite, Wallis Simpson, in 1936.
We ask the question, who really are the ancestors of Queen Elizabeth II and how did the genealogy of Queen Elizabeth II shape the life of the oldest living English Monarch, past and present.

What is new with Queen Elizabeth II : In March 2013 the Queen will make history signing a statement proclaiming she will not defend any law that is discriminatory. This is big news because she historically does not take political action. This statement also is a major win for any gay rights groups. Yay for the Queen.

Queen Elizabeth II Biography
The Queen Elizabeth Biography starts with her birth on April 21, 1926 by Cesarian Section in London, England. Her birth names are a tribute to her grandmothers Elizabeth, Mary, and Alexandria. As a youth, Queen Elizabeth was referred to by her doting grandparents as Lizabet. At birth, Queen Elizabeth II was only the 3rd in line for the throne. Her Uncle Edward abdicated his role as King, leaving the title to his younger brother. Princess Elizabeth married Prince Phillip, the Duke of Edinburgh on November 20, 1947. The love affair began when they met while then Princess Elizabeth was only 8. At the age of 13, Princess Elizabeth met Phillip again while he was 18 and stationed at the Naval Academy. The young lovers exchanged letters and later married. Together Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip raised 4 children, Charles, Anne, Andrew, and Edward.

Upon the ill health of her father, King George IV, HRH Princess Elizabeth assumed many of her father's royal engagements which helped her seamlessly ascend to the British throne, upon his death in 1952. The first televised coronation, made her the Head of the Commonwealth of Nations across the world. Her 2.1 billion subjects make up a third of the world's population. Queen Elizabeth overseen the evolution of the British monarchy which allows for more freedoms of the royal family to live and love more as they choose. On a weekly basis, Queen Elizabeth hosts extravagant dinner parties in Windsor Castle maintaining a social relationships with the leaders around the world. On April 29, 2011, Queen Elizabeth greeted Kate Middleton as a new member of the royal family when Princess Catherine married the Queens eldest grandson, Prince William. The Queen's invitation for the wedding required all guests to wear wedding hats much like her own choice of sunshine yellow hat that matched her suit.

Queen Elizabeth II Family Tree
Queen Elizabeth II Father - King George VI - ()
King George VI was born as Prince Albert, Duke of York. His brother Edward abdicated his throne when he chose to marry a divorced American socialite named Wallis Simpson. Being the weaker of the two brothers, Albert took the challenge and did his best. His life long challenges included a stammer that conflicted with his public speaking abilities, being forced to use his right hand while truly being left. His struggle to acquire a steady speech was portrayed in the Academy Award winning movie, "The King's Speech". While he sat on the throne, England was taking part in WWI; and he needed to be able to rally his people to stay strong through the volatile times. He married his wife Elizabeth in Westminster Abbey and shared the birth of two daughters with her, HRH Princess Elizabeth and HRH Princess Margaret. King George IV died of lung cancer.

Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bows-Lyon - Queen Elizabeth I (The Queen Mother)
The Queen mother was born into Scottish nobility and stood strong with her husband, King George IV during WWI. As a child, Queen Elizabeth I was educated at home by a governess, but developed a passion for field sports, dogs and the ponies. The royal security advises prompted the Queen Mother to transport herself and her children to Canada for safety during the Blitz. She refused stating that she would never leave her children or her husband and her husband would never leave England. Giving back, Queen Elizabeth I authored "The Queens Book of the Red Cross" which helped to financially support the efforts the Red Cross during the war time.

Maternal Grandfather - Claude George Bowes-Lyon (3/14/1855 - 11/7/1944)
Known as a sweetheart of a man to his family and the tenets of his large estates in Scotland. He often times was mistaken for a laborer because he loved being one with the outdoors and had fun farming on his lands.

Maternal Grandmother -Cecilia Cavendish Bentinck (9/11/1962 - 6/23/1938)
Lady Cecilia was known as the Lady Glamis where she set up a convalescent hospital for the wounded of WWI in Gramis Castle. Ceclia helped with the patients until she fell ill herself with cancer. Lady Glamis died of a heart attack.

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