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Ramona Rizzo Family Tree

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The Ramona Rizzo Family
The Ramona Rizzo Family opened its family tree to the world when Ramona Rizzo joined the cast of VH1's Mob Wives. The passionate mafia princess was born into a highly connected Italian mafia family headed by her maternal grandfather, Benjamin "Lefty Guns" Ruggiero. Ramona Rizzo's father, Johnny Rizzo, ran a jewerly store with some alleged illegal activity with another Mob Wive's father, Sammy Gravano (Karen Gravano's Dad). The new Mob Wives season will not include Ramona Rizzo.
Ramona Rizzo In The News : Ramona Rizzo left Mob Wives, citing that they were not paying her enough. Lately, she is defending herself from allegations that she roughed up someone for items she said he stole from her. Ramona Rizzo cannot escape the life she was born into nor does she seem to want to.

How Connected Is Ramona Rizzo? Always attracted to men of power, Ramona Rizzo was given a colorful childhood by her father, Johnny Rizzo (a devoted soldier under John Gotti), and then married an Arabian businessman also with ties to the mob, called Wally, who reportedly set her up in Middle Eastern palaces.

In the late 1990s, Al Pacino portrayed her grandfather Benjamin "Lefty Guns" Ruggiero in the film, Donnie Broscoe, that dramatizes the downfall of her her family's glorious mafia life. The movie tells the story of how an undercover FBI agent infiltrated the mafia through his connection with her family. While the men in the family walked the mafia walk, the women pursued businesses in fashion, confections, and more.

Now, Ramona Danielle Rizzo utlizes her strong Italian personality in the business of reality television. On Mob Wives, Ramona Rizza play the role of loyal friend for the original Mob Wives cast member, Karen Gravano while they work as a combined force against Karen's nemesis, Drita D'avanzo.

Ramona Rizzo Bio
Ramona Danielle Rizzo ( Born March 10)
Parents : [father - Johnny Rizzo] and [mother - Lyla Ruggiero ?]

The highlight of Ramona Rizzo's family ancestry is that she is the granddaughter of Benjamin Ruggiero, a soldier in the Bonano Crime family. She grew up in an upper class household on Staten Island, NY. Her father and Karen Gravano's father were business associates. The families interwined so much so that Karen and Ramona's mothers felt like sisters making the young girls life long friends too. The two friends attended Richmondtown Preparatory school and were christened in the same church. Like Karen Gravano, Ramona Rizzo was attracted to the bad boys and married a man of Arabian descent that we know as Wail or Wally. Her marriage promised great luxuries living in palaces and manchions in both the United States and Europe. However, Ramona learned of the illegitimate business dealings of her husband and chose to divorce him to live a worry free life. After two years of fighting, Ramona managed to escape her ex husband's clutches in Jordan and bring her 4 children to America. Now Ramona will be entering her sophomore season as a reality TV personality on the hit show Mob Wives.

Ramona Rizzo Family Tree
Ramona Rizzo Grandfather - Benjamin "Lefty Guns" Ruggiero (b. April 19, 1926 - Nov 24, 1994)
Ramona Rizzo's grandfather, Benjamin Ruggiero, became a mafia icon when Al Pacino characterized him in the film, Donnie Brasco in 1997. Lefty Ruggiero grew up in Knickerbocker Village deep in the heart of Little Italy. During his childhood years, he made his connections with the future members of the Bonanno Crime family. Eventually, he earned his worth as a loanshark and bookmaker Later the Bonanno family enlisted his services as a hitman or soldier while giving him a "no show" job that paid $5000 per month. With his money, Lefty invested in a social club on 25 Madison Street called, "Royal Wines and Liquors". In this establishment, he made more connections with the mafia community. Up the street from his social club, his close buddy, Benny Ruggiero did not become a made man until he was into his 50s because he has a propensity for racking up massive gambling debts. Once he cleared his debts, he earned his right to becoming a "made" man in the mafia.

Lefty was married twice. To his first wife, he fathered 3 daughters and a son, named Thomas Sbano. His first wife did not take his name. In the 1970s, Benjamin Ruggiero quietly married his long time mistress Louise. Benjamin lavished his family with many luxuries and handled business opportunities in both New York and Florida. His major downfall was accepting Donnie Brosco, an FBI agent into his family and mafia relationships. Eventually, Donnie's cover was blown and Benjamin was taken into custody. Since he did not break the mafia pact to not snitch he went away for 20 years. After serving 11 years, he was released to die at home from a combination of lung and testicular cancer.

Ramona Rizzo Grandmother - Called "Mrs. Sbano" (?)
Benjamin Ruggiero's first wife owned her own high end clothing shop. Ramona stated that she would be turning in her grave after seeing how Al Pacino's character was dressed in the movie, Donnie Brasco. This matriarch passed her love of fashion down to her daughter, Lyla, Romona's mother. Lyla received a fashion degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology. After working the fanshion industry, she returned to F.I.T. to work as an Adjunct Associate professor teaching Apparal Fashion Design. Her students note that she is a spitfire, but wish she was not so conservative with her fashion style.

Ramona Rizzo Uncle - Thomas "Tommy" Ruggiero (b. December 18, 1945 - d. January 1984)
Tommy Sbano was the only son born to Benjamin Ruggiero. His father spent a lot of money helping him conquer his heroine addiction to little avail. Thomas Sbano had one child to his common law wife in the 1970s. In 1984, he was gunned down with another mafia friend in a Lincoln Continental in a New York City garage at the age of 38.

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