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rick santorum family
The Rick Santorum Family
   Who are the members of the Rick Santorum family that shaped the ulta conservative beliefs of this Republican candidate running for the office of President of the United States in 2012? Most of Rick Santorumís relatives on both his mother Catherine and father Aldo's sides of the family emigrated from Italy. As early as 1930, Rick Santorumís father, Dr. Aldo Santorum made the journey from Italy to the United States with his mother and two siblings at the age of 7 to join his father already living and working in the United States.

Amazingly, Dr. Aldo Santorum grew up in a coal mining town, but amassed the multiple degrees necessary to work as a clinical psychologist working in veteranís hospitals. A strong work ethic and craving for education to improve one's future runs deep in the roots of the Rick Santorum family tree. Their eldest son, Rick Santorum, earned an MBA and a law degree in Pennsylvania universities and eventually served as the Pennsylvania senator from 1995-2007.
Rick Santorum now wants to influence the political system with his hard core Catholic family values as President of the United States. He takes a no nonsense approach to denying the rights of gay married couples and does not approve any activity that he feels promotes abortion, such as prenatal testing. If he spars off against, the current President Barack Obama, the two candidates will be polar opposites in their visions for the future of the United States.

Rick Santorum Biography
Richard John Santorum (b. May 10, 1958 [Winchester, VA])
Parents : [father - Dr. Aldo Santorum] and [mother - Catherine Keane Santorum] Born the son of an Italian immigrant, Rick Santorum lived in military housing first in Butler, Pennsylvania and then in Chicago, Illinois. Santorum earned multiple degrees including undergrad from Penn State University, MBA from University of Pittsburgh, and a JED from the Dickenson School of Law. In 1986, Santorum was accepted to the bar and represented the World Wrestling Federation during their high profile court case regarding the use of steroids by their wrestlers.

Santorumís heart was in politics even while in college. Santorum volunteered for Pennsylvania Senator John Heinz election campaign. Eventually he also supports Bob Caseyís political aspirations. Rick Santorum acquired a seat on the House of Representatives, and then earned a position as the Senator of Pennsylvania in 1994. He served as senator until he was defeated in 2006. Compared to most Republican politicians, Santorum leans far right in regards to social issues like same sex marriage and abortion. The principles of Irish Catholics resonate within Rick Santorumís many political decisions over his political career.

Rick met his future wife and mother of his 8 children while recruiting law students at te University of Pittsburg for his law firm. Karen Garver (born in 1960) was earning a law degree after first starting a career as a neo natal nurse. The couple married in 1990 and started their family while living in Pen Hills, Pennsylvania. Elizabeth Anne (1991); Richard, Jr. (1993), Daniel James (1995), Sarah Maria (1998), Peter Kenneth (1999), Patrick Francis (2001), and Isabella "Bella" Maria (2008) are the living seven children.

The Santorum family lives the pro-life life style that the patriarch promotes in his political life. First one baby, Gabriel was still born and brought home for the older children to meet him and say good bye to their brother. The last child, Isabella, was diagnosed with a life threatening disease that cut her life expectancy to one year, but she defies the overwhelming odds.

Rick Santorum Family Tree
Rick Santorum Father - Dr. Aldo Santorum (b. Jan 9, 1923 [Italy] - d. Jan 15, 2011 [FL])
Dr. Aldo Santorum was born in a town in Italy called Riva Del Gorda. His family of mother, Maria, brother, Bruno, and sister Carla, joined his father, Pietro, in America in the 1930s. The family lived in a company town called Carpenters Park located near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Seeking the American dream, Aldo joined the Army in 1942 and served in World War II working on airplanes in the pacific. Aldo Santorum, returned to the United States and used the GI Bill to fund his education.

While indebted to the United States government, he spent his entire work life as a clinical psychologist in Veterans hospitals, first in Butler, PA and then in Chicago, Illinois. He met his wife, Catherine, while she worked as a nurse in a veteranís hospital as well. The couple raised three children, Barbara, Rick and Daniel. Upon retirement in 1990, the Santorums moved to Crescent Beach, Florida. In 1994, they joined and supported their son, Rick, in Pennsylvania helping with his Senatorial campaign.

Paternal Grandparents :
f: Pietro Santorum (b. 1887 [Italy] - d. ? [PA])
      Entered the US in 1923 and is documented to have renounced all foreign powers in 1927. Pietro first found work in the auto industry in Michigan, but lost his job in 1929 when the depression hit America. He relocated in Western Pennsylvania where he worked in the coal mines until the age of 70. He laid the path for the rest of his family to emmigrate from Italy to the United States.
m: Maria (nee Rigatti) Santorum (b. 1888 [Italy] - d. ? [PA] )

Rick Santorum Mother - Catherine Keane (nee Dughi) Santorum (b. Dec 1938 [MN] d. July 1983 [IL])
Catherine Santorum is of Italian and Irish ancestry. While working as an administrative nurse for a Veteranís hospital, Rick Santorumís mother met his father, Aldo. She was always supportive of her sonís political aspirations, although she never shared her own political beliefs.

Maternal Grandparents :
f: Adam John Dughi (b. Jan 6, 1893 [Italy or USA] d. Nov.25 1975 [FL])
m: Mayme (nee Keane) Dughi (b. Oct 1888 [PA] - May 17, 1966 [PA])

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