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The Rob Portman Family

Rob Portman family
The Rob Portman Family
Rob Portman with wife Jane Dudley Portman and their 3 children (Jed, Sally and William Portman) and his father, William C. Portman II with his siblings..
The Rob Portman family of Cincinnati, Ohio contains many men and women that are successful in politics and business. His parents, William and Joan Portman worked hard together to build their family business, the Portman Equipment Company into a monumental success, then turned their energies to philanthropy and public service. Running a family business was not new to Rob Portmanís mother, Joan, because her father, Robert Howard Jones, support their family with the small long running business in Lebanon, Ohio called The Golden Lamb.

Today, Rob calls his father his hero and considers what he would do when faced with problems to solve while serving as a politician. Mitt Romney considered Rob Portman to serve as his running mate in the 2012 Presidential Election, but chose Paul Ryan.
We need more men and woman raised by parents that built their families and business with integrity.

What is new : After years of voting against against same sex marriage, Rob Portman announces to America that he now supports gay rights. His son, Will Portman, came out to his parents when he was a freshman at Yale a few years ago. Some wonder if Rob Portman's son's sexual orientation cost him the spot on the Republican VP ticket with Romney in 2012.

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Rob Portman Biography
Robert Jones Portman (b. Dec 19, 1955 [Cincinnati, Ohio])
Parents : [father - William C. Portman II] and [mother - Joan (nee Jones) Portman]

Rob Portman biography begins with his birth in Cincinnati Ohio in 1955 to well respected Cincinnati businessman, Bill Portman and his wife, Joan. Like his father, Rob is a graduate of Dartmouth University. He acquired his law degree from the University of Michigan Law School and practiced law as a partner in the law firm of Graydon, Head and Ritchey. Rob Portmanís first experience of public service included serving in the cabinet of George H. W. Bush during his term in office.

Later, Rob ran for the Senate and wowed his constituents with his abilities to balance budgets and actively rage war on drugs. He was a major consideration as a running mate for John McCain in 2008. In 2012, Mitt Romney is taking a good look at Rob Portman for a potential Republican Vice Presidential candidate.

Rob Portman Family Tree
Rob Portman Father - William Claudis Portman II
  (b. B. July 31, 1922 [Ohio] d. August 31, 2010 )

Senator Portmanís father William C. Portman II led a life of integrity and followed the appropriate steps in life that in the end made him a self-made businessman and solid role model for future generations of his family. In his youth, he acquired a degree in chemistry from Dartmouth, service in the infantry as a lieutenant in World War II, and eventually returned to Dartmouth acquiring an MBA. After working as an executive for companies like Proctor and Gamble, Portman struck out with his own business.

The Portman Equipment Company, a dealer of forklifts, was born with only 5 employees including his wife Joan working as the bookkeeper. After the first two years of growing pains subsided, the company expanded from 5 employees to 400 making the company a success.

Eventually, Portman shared his keen business sense with public service organizations like the United Way. He became the first small business owner to chair the United Way. During his leadership, the United Way broke many fundraising records.

Rob Portman Mother - Joan (nee Jones) Portman (b. July 12, 1952 [Ohio] d. april 14, 1994 [Ohio])
Joan Jones Portman worked as the bookkeeper for the family business. She persuaded her uncle to cosign the loan the Portmanís used to establish the company. Joan was familiar with a family business, since her father bought and owned the oldest business in Lebanon, Ohio, The Golden Lamb which supplied its customers with fresh produce. She later spent her time supporting causing and volunteering with the Cincinnati, Ohio community.

Rob Portman Wife - Jane Dudley Portman (b. ca 1960 [Ohio])
When Jane met Rob Portman, she had already finished her degree at Vanderbilt University. She had been working in a New York City ad agency. Robís mother Joan helped set the couple up on a blind date where they learned each other was very adventurous. Both Jane and Rob had separately taken part in a Himalayan Hiking trip. A democratic supporter, Jane worked under Democrat, Tom Daschle. The couple agreed that Jane would switch to Republican, if Rob would convert to Methodist. The couple eventually married and shares three children, Jed, Will and Sally.

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