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Robertson Family On Duck Dynasty

Robertson family

Robertson Family
L to R : Willie and wife Korie
Phil and wife Kay
Phil's younger brother Silas (Si) Robertson
Hey!!! The Robertson family of A&E's hit show, Duck Dynasty, is headed by patriarchs Phil Robertson (son of James and Merritt Robertson) and Miss Marsha Kay of West Monroe, Louisiana. Together Phil and Miss Kay raised the four Robertson boys : Al, Jase, Willie and Jep Robertson in a Lousiana hunting loving family. The family owns and operates a multi-million dollar business selling a duck call product, patented by Phil in the 1970s, and filming a series of how to hunt ducks videos from their family compound in Louisiana.

After turning down an offer to quarterback for the Washington Redskins, running a bar and teaching high school English, Phil finally found his calling as the manufacturer of a superior hunting gadget that attracts ducks for hunters. Phil Robertson's third eldest son, Willie Robertson, teamed up with his wife, Korie, to move the duck commander business into larger markets.
. The Duck Commandor family business turned the Robertson family members into millionaires once the second generation took over.

What Is New For the Duck Dynasty Family : The new season premiered to give us more of the Robertson family including the eldest Robertson brother, Alan. On June 28, hot country star, Scott McCreery, sang at Sadie Robertson's 16th Birthday party .. Hey that's wow! On the Duck Dyansty gang are appearing in Darius Rucker's new video for Wagon Wheel . The Robertson family announced that they will release a Christmas music album titled, "Duck The Halls". Jase's wife Missy is said to sing on the album. Hey .. We love Christmas! Barbara Walters will showcase the Robertson Family of Duck Dynasty on her fascinating people of 2013 show. The family released a Christmas Album titled Duck the Halls. and is teaming with Nappa Valley and developing their own wine label.

Robertson Family Tree of Duck Dynasty
Phil Alexander Robertson (Born April 24, 1946)
Phil Robertson is the patriarch of the Robertson family and the original Duck Commander. Phil Robertson is the son of James and Merritt Robertson, also of Lousiana. His brother Jim knew he would be famous someday, so he wrote the Phil Robertson biography called, The Legend of Phil Robertson. Phil was a three sport letterman in high school and went on to be the stand out quarterback at Louisiana Technical University. One of his college teammates was Terry Bradshaw. Bradshaw paid homage to Phil in one of his books, saying that he went for the Bucks while Phil went for the ducks. Yes, Phil turned down an NFL draft pick to play for the Washington Redskins because football season conflicted with duck hunting season.

In order to have a fall back career, Phil earned his Masters degree in English and taught high school English. He later tried to run a bar, but that inspired him to drink too much. After following the teachings of the Almighty Father, Phil left his drinking days behind him and followed a more natural passion - engineering a better duck call to make hunting more fun. In 1972, Phil Robertson patented his invention and incorporated the Robertson family company, Duck Commander, in 1973. And the rest of the story is history.

Willie Jess Robertson (born April 22, 1972)
Willie is the third oldest son of Phil and Kay Robertson of Louisiana. He earned a business degree from Louisiana State University. He and his wife Korie met while they were in high school and married a year after high school graduation. Together they moved the Robertson Duck Commander name into the multi-million dollar company ranks. While Will is the CEO of Duck Commander, Kori is the Office manager. The couple shares 5 children: John Luke, Sadie, Lil' Will, Bella, and a foster daughter named Rebecca. Only John Luke and Sadie appear on the Duck Dynasty episodes.

Jason Silas "Jase" Robertson
Jase is the second eldest son of Phil and Kay Robertson of Louisiana. He is very craft when making the duck commanders, but prides himself on being the complete opposite of his business minded brother, Willie. Like his father, his focus is solely on duck hunting. He met his wife Missy while in high school and has been married to her for over 20 years. Together they share three kids : Reed, Cole and Mia.

Jules Jeptha "Jep" Robertson
Jep is the youngest son of Phil and Kay Robertson of Louisiana. Jep Robertson handles all of the filming and editing projects for the Duck Dynasty show and How to Hunting video collections. Jep has a knack at capturing the Robertson family being crazy and real on their hit show Duck Dynasty. Jep married his wife, Jessica, of whom he shares four children : Lily, Merritt, Priscilla, and River.

Alan Robertson
Alan comically compares his role in the Robertson family as the same as Marilyn Munster's character on the Munsters. Alan shares father and brother's love of hunting, but he does not sport a beard and the redneck camo uniform. As the eldest Robertson brother, Alan traveled with his father promoting the duck call product before he left the family business to become a pastor. After 20 years on the pulpit, Alan left his calling to help his brother will manage the business while Willie takings on public speaking engagements and films Duck Dynasty. Alan is still serving the Lord because the Robertson family spreads the gospel with everything they do.

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