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Robin Thicke Family

robin thicke family
The Robin Thicke Family
Left : Robin with mother Gloria holding son, Julian and next to wife, Paula Patton
Right : Brother Brennen, Mother Gloria Loring, Robin, and Father Alan Thicke
The Robin Thicke family tree is rich in musical and theatrical history on both sides of the family tree. Robin Thicke grew up in the Los Angeles suburbs during the height of his parentís acting careers. His Canadian born father Alan Thicke stared as the patriarch Jason Seaver on the hit ABC show, Growing Pains while his mother, Gloria Loring, found fame on the soap opera, Days of Our Lives.

Besides acting, musical talent runs deep in both the Thicke and Loring families. Many family members are music composers, singers, and even a grandfather that is a trumpet player. How did the family members of Robin Thicke shape him in the amazing talent that is now entering the big time as a judge and musical act on Duets beginning in May 2012.

Robin Thicke Bio
Robin Charles Thicke (b. March 10, 1977 [Los Angeles, CA])
Parents : [father - Alan Thicke.] and [mother - Gloria Loring ]

Robin Charles Thicke is the youngest of three children to Alan Thick and Gloria Loring, both powerhouse actors of the 80s and 90s. while acting was the family business, Robin was drawn to music. By the age of 12, the young Thicke managed to teach himself to play the piano. At the ripe age of 16, Robin Thicke was credited with writing hit songs for Brandy and Color Me Bad. After aligning with Big Boy Entertainment, Robin Thicke moved into the spotlight accompanying performs like Pharrell Williams on the hit song, Wanna Love You Girl. In 2002, Robin cut his first album, Cherry Blue Skies . Multiple albums later, Thicke increased his family by marrying wife, Paula Patton, with whom he shares a son, Julian Fuego Thicke.

Robin Thicke Parents
Robin Thicke Father : Alan Willis Jeffrey Thicke (b. Mar. 1, 1947 [Ontario Canada])
Parents : [father - William Jeffrey] and [mother - Joan Thicke]

Alan Thick was born into a middle class family in Ontario Canada. His mother worked at the local hospital as a nurse, while his father made a living as a stockbroker. His birth parents divorced, but his mother remarried and his step father, Brian Thicke, adopted him, thus giving his family the Thicke last name. Alan graduated high school with the title of Homecoming King. Like his son, Robin, he began his career as a writer for the Canadian Broadcasting Company and later moved in front of the camera as the host of a talk show, The Alan Thick Show. His talents for writing also drifted into musical composition. He wrote the theme songs to hit 1980s shows like The Wheel of Fortune and the The Facts of Life.

He relocated to California where he eventually landed the role that made him famous, as Jason Seaver on Growing Pains . In his personal life, Alan Thicke married three times. First he married Gloria Loring and fathered two sons, Robin and Brennen. Later he married Miss World, Gina Marie Tolleson, of whom he shares a third son, Carter Thicke. Making the third time a charm, Alan Thicke married Tanya Callau.

Robin Thicke Mother : Gloria Loring (b. Dec. 10, 1946 [California])
Parents : [father - Gerald Louis Goff] and [mother - Dorothy Ann (nee Tobin) Goff]
Growing up in the entertainment capital of the world, New York City, music has always been a part of Gloria Loringsí life. The daughter of a singer and a trumpet player, Gloria began singing professionally at the age of 14 with the group, Those Four. While raising her sons, she focused on writing hit songs for such television shows as Dif Strokes and Facts of Life. Once her sons were grown, Gloria expanded her creativity into acting while taking a role on the soap opera, Days of Our Lives for six years. The role Liz enabled her to win the hearts of daytime viewers by singing in nightclub scenes. Gloria went on to use her talents as a leader raising money for great causes like Juvenile Diabetes Foundation International.

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