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rory mcilroy family
Rory Mcilroy Family - Mother Rosie and Father Gerry
  Young Rory Mcilroy ishottest phenomena to hit the golf scene since Tiger Woods first won the masters in the mid 1990s and rocketed into mega fame on the links. Who are the Rory Mcilroy family members that supports this talented fella's golf dreams financially and emotionally? Rory grew up on the links at the Holywood Golf Club nearby his modest 2 bedroom flat in Belfast. His father, uncles, and cousins learned to love and play the game from Rory Mcilroy's grandfather, Jimmy.
It is safe to say that Rory's mother Rosie planted his goal oriented drive for success, while his father provided the love and skill for the game of golf. This kid's down to earth family attitude is like a breath of fresh air after the tabloids splashed Tiger Wood's family drama all over the media.

Rory Mcilroy Biography
Rory Mcilroy (born. 5/4/1989)
The Rory Mcilroy biography begins with his birth to parents Gerry and Rosie Mcilroy on May 4, 1989. At age 2, Rory made his father, Gerry Mcilroy proud by sending golf balls 40 yards out. Plastic clubs would not do for this future gold star. Rory proved he was the best of not just his age group when he won the World Under 10s Championship in Doral while finishing the course with 5 shots less than any of the other 80 kid players.

From that point, his parents made packed to work as hard as they could to fund Rory's golf lessons and send him to compete with the greatest players in the world. After the US Open in June 2012, the sky is the limit. If you listen to Rory Mcilroy talk, he is extremely modest and understands he needs to not sit back on his heels. His competitors immediately settled for second place after Rory set unbelievable course records. Rory also supports the Manchester United, an English soccer team, and serves as an ambassador for UNICEF Ireland.

Rory Mcilroy Family Tree
Father - Gerry Mcilroy Biography (born October 5, 1959 - )
Gerry Mcilroy grew up playing golf with his two brothers and father at the Holywood club in Belfast in Northern Ireland. Unlike Earl Woods who was a lieutenant in the US Army, Gerry Mcilroy had to work 100 hour weeks as a laborer to support his son's dream to become a professional golfer. For over 10 years, Gerry cleaned lockers at a local Rugby club in the mornings and bartended during the afternoons and nights. He always took time to spend with his family over tea. The hours were grueling, but he believed wholeheartedly in his son's golf skills, so he dredged on waiting for his son to hit the big leagues in golf.

Rosie Biorgraphy (born ?)
Rosie Mcilroy is a proud mother and devoted wife. She worked the night shift at a 3M factory packaging millions of rolls of tape. He slept while Rory was in school and worked while he slept. She loved to knit as her hobby. Being very goal oriented, Rosie is the grease that kept the machine going that promoted her son's career. When her husband, Gerry,wanted to throw in the towel, she reminded him of the many rewards for their hard work.

Jimmy Mcilroy Biography (born ?)
The patriarch of the Mcilroy family, Jimmy Mcilroy fosters the love of golf. Jimmy Mcilroy repaired cranes on the docks in Belfast. Most notably, the docks Jimmy worked on are the same ones boasted to be where the infamous Titanic was built during the turn of the century. Jimmy raised three sons, Gerry, Colim, and Brian. Another grandson, Fergus, desires to follow Rory into the professional world of golf. The Mcilroy family is to golf, like the Manning family is to football. It is in their blood.

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