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Ross Lynch Family

ross lynch family
Ross Lynch Family
Top : Members of R5
Bottom : Ross, Riker, and Rydel with Mom, Stormie Lynch
The Ross Lynch family zoomed into the Disney family spotlight when Ross Lynch took the role of Austin Moon on the hit Disney Channel show Austin and Ally. With Ross Lynch's three brothers (Riker, Rocky, and Ryland) and one sister (Rydel), Ross Lynch grew up in Littleton, Colorado perfecting his hockey and musical skills. The blonde headed Lynch family is as talented as the Jackson five, headed by Michael Jackson in the 1970s, with amazing musical, dancing and acting abilities.

The family even began a rock band named R5 which plays on their parentís skills at naming all of their children with the letter R. For now, Ross Lynch is quickly gaining the love of tweens all around the world with his amazing blonde hair and undeniable charm. Nobody should be surprised since the Lynch children are cousins with Dancing with the Stars professional dancers, Derek and Julianne Hough.

Ross Lynch Biography
Ross Shor Lynch (b.Dec 29, 1995 [Littleton, Colorado])
Parents : [father - Mark S. Lynch] and [mother - Stormie Y Lynch]

Ross Shor Lynch Is your typical Colorado kid with a love for the outdoors and of course hockey. With two older brothers, Riker and Rocky, Ross watched them pursue interests in music, dancing and acting. His brother Rocky taught Ross how to play the guitar. Ross and his siblings took parts in play groups all around Denver, Colorado.

In 2010, the family relocated to Los Angeles to help Riker fulfill his dream in show business. Meanwhile, Riker, Rocky, Ross, their sister, Rydel and a family friend named, Ratcliff Ellington formed the group, R5. Ross first entered the Disney scene with a small role on the Hannah Montana video, Ordinary Girl. In December 2011, Ross Lynch cemented his Disney career performing as Austin Moon on Austin and Ally.

Ross Lynch Family - R5 Music Group
Mark S. Lynch (b.Jan 5, 1962 [Colorado])

A Colorado native, Mark Lynch is the father and supports the family as the owner of Wholesale Medical and Spa. He sells products to salons. When the family moved to LA, he expanded his business reach.

Stormie Y. Lynch (b.Aug 23, 1966 [Colorado])

Stormie Lynch is a supportive mother of the talents and activities of all of her children.

Riker Lynch (b.Nov 8, 1991 [Colorado])

Riker is the first Lynch brother to seek fame. He is well known for his small role on Glee as Jeff. In the family band, Riker plays the bass. In his dancing pursuits, he often times partnered with his sister, Rydel.

Rocky Lynch (b.? [Colorado])

A Colorado native, Mark supports the family as the owner of Wholesale Medical and Spa. He sells products to salons. When the family moved to LA, he expanded his business reach.

Rydel Lynch (b.1994 [Colorado])

Rydel is the only girl in a family of 5 kids. She dances and plays the piano. On R5, she adds flare on the keyboards.

Ryland Lynch (b.1998 [Colorado])

Ryland Lynch is the youngest member of the family and the group R5. Although he is young, Ryland is said to be a very determined young man.

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