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Russell Wilson Family

russell willson family
Russell Wilson Family
Top : Parents Harry and Tammy with older brother Harrison and younter sister Anna
Below : Russell Wilson with wife, Ashton Meem
The Russell Wilson family tree Russell Wilson consists of his father Harrison Wilson III and mother Tammy Wilson and brother Harrison Wilson IV and sister Anna Wilson. The 2012 NFL draft introduced the league to many new franchise quarterbacks from Andrew Luck to Robert Griffin III, but Russell Wilson is outshining them all playing his heart out for the Seattle Seahawks in the playoffs after winning his Wild Card slot.

The Wilson family is full of winners in education and sports. Russell Wilsonís father left this world in 2010, but not before building a legacy for his son to obtain his dream in the NFL. The Wilson brothers practiced with their father in the early morning hours developing a work ethic for champions. His parents and other relatives also served as examples of success through education and religion too. The combination of faith, education, and a strong work ethic boosted Russell Wilson to momentous heights and maybe even a Super Bowl Victory in 2013!
Who are the Russell Wilson Ancestors? Wilsonís grandfather, Benjamin Wilson III tells the family history from his platform as the President of Norfolk University in Virginia. His fatherís family began their American history as slaves on a plantation in Big Island Virginia, but his grandfather was freed after serving a Confederate colonel in the Civil War. His grandmotherís family settled in Ohio and was not restrained by the shackles of slavery; therefore she was free as a black woman to be a degree from Wilburforce University and used her education to teach in a one room school house in Kentucky. While the Wilson family advanced their societal positions in education, the Wilson family members excelled in many sports including football, basketball, baseball, and track.

Russell Wilson and Football This Week:Russell Wilson and the Seahawks earned their playoff slot after winning their Wild Card game against the favored Washington Redskins last week. Today, the Seahawks will play the Atlanta Falcons and hopefully push Russell Wilson closer to Super Bowl glory!

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Russell Wilson Family Tree
Father - Doctor Harrison Benjamin Wilson III Biography (born 11/9/1954 (New York) - 6/9/2010 (Virginia) )
Russell Wilson's father played football for Datmouth, but then earned his law degree from University of Virginia. Harrison Wilson III almost made the San Diego Chargers team, but that NFL dream would have to be realized by his youngest son. He practiced law until his diabetes wore him down. Caring for his Dad, focused Russell Wilson in his studying, making young Russell Wilson mature beyond his years. Harrison Wilson III died in 2010, but not before Russell Wilson was drafted by the Colorado Rockies.
Paternal Grandparents
Grandfather - Dr. Harrison Benjamin Wilson Jr.

Grandmother - Dr. Lucy Reed Wilson

Tammy (nee Turner) Wilson (November 4, 1959 (Virginia))
Born Tammy Turner in Virginia. Tammy earned degrees in nursing and law to eventually support her family as a legal nurse consultant. She attended University of Virgnia where she met her future husband. Tammy instilled strict religious beliefs on her children -- not allowing them to celebrate Halloween or letting Santa Claus into their Christmas celebrations. She tours the country with other NFL mothers inspiring other parents with her son's story of a below average height son who outshined his teammates and opponents from high school to college to the professional ranks.

Maternal Grandparents
Grandfather - ? - born ?

Grandmother - ?

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