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The Ryan Lochte Family

ryan lochte family
The Ryan Lochte Family
Ryan Lochte with his mother Ike Lochte
Father, Steve, with grandmother, Doris Lochte
The Ryan Lochte family includes parents (Steve and IKE) and siblings Megan, Kristin, Devon and Brandon Lochte and has a legacy in the swimming world and stretches great distances from Canada to Cuba to Europe. His grandfather Russell Lochte coached for a swimming club in Ontario, Canada. Then he passed his passion onto his Ryanís father, Steven Lochte, who swam for the University of Miami before taking jobs in New York and Florida as a club swimming coach.

Ryanís mother, Ileana or best known as Ike Lochte worked alongside her husband as a swim coach in the early years of their marriage too. Considering Ryan Lochte s family tree is it any surprise that he won gold at the 2012 London Olympic Games and swam his heart out to unseat Michael Phelps on the Olympic swimming throne.
New For Ryan Lochte : Ryan Lochte opens the doors of his home introduce his quirkey family of swimmers to the world on What Would Ryan Lochte Do? In the latest episode, Ryan Lochte and his mother Ike (a swimmer and native of Cuba) take a trip to Washington DC after Ryan is properly fitted for a suit of course. What a cute mother and son relationship they have!

Ryan Lochte Biography
Ryan Steven Lochte (b.Aug 3, 1984 [Rochester, New York])
Parents : [father - Steven Lochte] and [mother - Ileana (Ike) Lochte] Ryan Lochte was born in Rochester, New York on August 3, 1984. He is described as a relaxed spirit that excels in any sport he tries from soccer to surfing and especially swimming. He enjoyed the outdoor life and his Grandma Dorisís egg sandwiches when his family lived in New York. At the age of eleven, the Ryan Lochte family relocated to Florida, so his father could take on the role as the director of the Daytona Beach Swim club.

Ryanís father coached him until he was recruited to join the swim team at the University of Florida. His parents joked about his unruliness at the pool practices during the early years. Once he matured some at the age of 14, Ryan developed his desire to win and utilize his family given talents. While at the University of Florida, Ryan won countless races and earned the title of NCAA swimmer of the Year twice. After repeated requests for his father to be part of his coaching staff, his father, Steve, turned them down because he wished to be a father to Ryan, not his coach.

During an interview, Ryanís mother explained that Ryan has a knack for innovativeness and drawing. He wishes to become a designer of swimsuits for one of his sponsors, Nike.

Ryan Lochte Family Tree
Ryan Lochte Mother - Ileana (or Ike) Lochte
  (b. B. Aug 22, 1953 [Havana, Cuba] )

Ileana Ike Lochte was born in Havana, Cuba. She worked as a swim coach next to her husband, Steve. Together they raised five children, two girls and 3 boys. She later switched careers to become the director of a day care. In 2010, Ike and Steve Lochte divorced.

Ryan Lochte Father - Steven R. Lochte (b. June 12, 1968 [New York])
Ryan Lochteís father, Steve, grew up with is father as his swim coach just like Ryan. He attended the University of Miami where he also swam. In adulthood, he found work as a swim coach and eventually aspired to become the director of the Daytona Beach Swim club. His daughter Kristin Lochte as works there as a swim team coach as well.

Paternal Grandparents :
f: Russel Lochte (b. Jan 5, 1921 (Ontario, Canada) d. May 12, 2003 [New York]
m: Doris J. (nee Kort) Lochte (b.ca 1923 [New York])

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