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The Sanya Richards Ross Family
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Sanya Richards Ross family
The Sanya Richards Ross Family
Sanya with father, Archie Richards, and with mother, Sharon Richards and husband Aaron Ross
The Sanya Richards Ross family formed their own cheering section for their favorite Jamaican-American sprinter. Believing Sanya is the best in the world, 40 family members and friends booked a house a year and a half before the London games. Her parents, Archie and Sharon Richards, sacrificed everything after they realized their daughter’s running potential when she was beating the boys at the age of 9 in their homeland of Jamaica.

At the age of 12, Archie and Sharon, moved Sanya and her little sister, Shari, to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, so Sanya could follow her track and field dreams. The close knit athletic family worked hard to make Sanya into a world class track star. Sanya earned gold medals at the Athens and Beijing Summer Olympics, but then earned her first gold individual medal in the 400 meter race at the 2012 London Olympics.
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Sanya Richards Ross Biography
Sanya Richards Ross (b. February 26, 1985 [Kingston, Jamaica])
Parents : [father - Archie Richards] and [mother - Sharon Richards]

Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Sanya Richards blew all of the boys on the track away at the age of 9. Seeing her potential for sprinting glory, her parents moved the family to the United States. She was a bullet on the track and a star in the classroom graduating with a 4.0 GPA from Thomas Aquinas High School. Eventually the family moved to Austin, Texas where Sanya ran track for the University of Texas and received the distinction of being named an All-American 11 times.

While at the University of Texas, Sanya, met her future husband, Aaron Ross, a football player for UT. Aaron Ross won two Super Bowl rings while playing for the New York Giants. In 2012, Aaron Ross will play for the Jacksonville Jaguars of Florida. Aaron Ross and Sanya Richards Ross married in 2010.

Sanya Richards Ross went on to compete in three Summer Olympics for track and field. In Athens and Beijing, Sanya earned gold medals as part of relay teams. In 2012, Sanya finally earned her first individual gold medal competing for the United States at the London Olympics.

Sanya Richards Ross Family Tree
Sanya Richards Ross Mother - Sharon "Fay" (nee Robinson) Richards
  (b. B. ? [Jamaica] )

Born in Indiana on Christmas Day in 1947, Cheryl Bridges is a motivation to woman runners and especially her own daughter, Shalane. Even before title IX equality initiatives helped young girls achieve equality in the world of sports, Cheryl had to push hard to run on her high school track only allowed for boys. She could only run if the coaches from the competing schools agreed and changed in nearby gas station bathrooms into t-shirts she paid for herself. Her successes and steadfastness earned her the first partial athletic scholarship to a public university, which happened to be Indiana University. The honor did not go to waste as she broke many records and eventually set a world record for the marathon before deciding to retire from professional running in her mid 20s. Cheryl and Shalane enjoy running together.

In her early years, Sharon Richards performed as an unbeatable athlete on the Air Jamaica Netball team. As an occupation, Sharon Richards worked as a gym instructor while the family lived in Kingston, Jamaica. Contributing to her daughter’s training, Sharon developed weight training schedule. The family enjoyed some mother daughter competition in the weight room. Eventually, young Sanya was squatting and astounding 250 pounds.

Sanya Richards Ross Father - Archie Richards (b. ? [Jamaica])
A speedy guy himself, Archie Richards played the position of outside left for the Harbor View soccer team, a part of the Top Flight Football club. Archie shared his soccer drills, healthy eating strategies and core workouts with his daughters while they grew up. Archie converted the family garage into a weight room. Today, Archie supports his daughter’s career as her manager.

Sanya Richards Ross sister - Shari Richards (b. ? [Jamaica])
Also a sprinter like her sister, Shari is Sanya's biggest fan. She follows in her sisters footsteps attending UT and running track and field and long jump.

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