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sarah ferguson family tree
Sarah Ferguson Family Tree
  The Sarah Ferguson family tree includes many movers and shakers in England and a connection to the British royal thrown through her 1986 royal wedding to Prince Andrew, the youngest brother of Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales and second eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II of England.. Upon marrying Prince Andrew, Sarah became Princess Sarah, the Duchess of York. Sarah and Andrew's union produced two royal Princesses, Beatrice and Eugenia who are the 5th and 6th in line to the British royal throne and the only princesses in their generation of British Royals.

We all know that the red headed Duchess of York is the first wife of Prince Andrew, but how did she come to meet her Prince and live the fairy tale. Who are the Sarah Ferguson ancestors that laid the foundation for her to walk the path of a princess?

The Sarah Ferguson family is considered to be of aristocratic decent on her father's side with many titled male and female ancestors. Sarah Ferguson's mother's family tree traces its lineage back to John Wright or otherwise known as Camplyon of Stowmarket who is defined in print by his will dated 1557. The Wright family is well known for establishing Wright's Bank and the company Butterly Works.

Sarah Ferguson Biography
Sarah Ferguson biography began when Sarah made Windsor castle her home after marrying Prince Andrew on July 23, 1986. The British public loved her vibrant personality that matched the redness of her flowing locks. Sarah became very close to Princess Diana of Wales and shared the limelight while they each raised a family under the heavy hand of their mutual mother in law Queen Elizabeth II. While married to Prince Andrew, Sarah bore two children, HRH Princess Beatrice and HRH Princess Eugenia. As with any public figure, Sarah Ferguson was not immune to scandal.

The Duchess of York lost her marriage and her status as a royal princess when she was caught by cameras on a romantic beach excursion with Texan, Steve Wyatt. She almost lost custody of her daughters, ages 1 and 3 at the time while in negotiations over the divorce with Queen Elizabeth. Sarah tried to support herself and her daughters by promoting products such as Weight Watchers and Wedgwood China. She found herself back in the tabloids after being filmed trying to accept a bribe from a reporter to sell access to her ex husband, Prince Andrew. In 2011, Sarah Ferguson will present a reality show on Oprah Winfrey's OWN network entitled "Finding Sarah" which will chronicle her struggle to reclaim her sanity in this world.

Ferguson Family Tree
Sarah Ferguson Father - Ronald Ivor Ferguson
Ronald Ferguson comes from a long line of British Aristocrats. He developed a long lasting connection to the royal family by first serving as the Polo Manager to the Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, and later to his son, Prince Charles of Wales. A scandalous report in the British papers about his purchases of sexual massage services at a the Wigmore Club, a at one time highly respected massage parlor. Even though, Ronald Ferguson denied his involvement, his possession as Polo manager to the Prince of Wales was terminated. Ronald Ferguson battled cancer, but eventually died of a heart attack.

Grandparents - Andrew Henry Ferguson
Marian Louisa Montagu Douglas Scott
Aunt by marriage to Queen Elizabeth

Great Grandparents
Lieutenant Colonel Lord Herbert Montagu Douglas Scott

Great Great Grandparents
Sir William Montagu Douglas Scott - 6th Duke of Buccleuch
LadyLouisa Jane Hamilton

Wright Family Tree
Sarah Ferguson Mother - Susan Mary Wright

Susan Wright divorced Sarah Ferguson's father in 1972. She married Hector Barrantes and moved with him to Argentina. Together with Barrantes, she operated a horse ranch called El Pucara that raised horses for polo matches. In 1990, Barrantes died and Susan Write started to sell off the ranch and diverted her attentions to a new production company that produced films of horses. Sarah Ferguson's mother eventually authored a book titled, "POLO" that succeed her death by car accident in 1998. The car crash occurred only 3 weeks after Princess Diana's death of the same demise. Susan joined her daughter Sarah at Princess Diana's funeral. Susan maintained a friendship with Prince Charles even after her death when he honored her by writing the forward to her novel.

Grandparents - Fitzgerald Wright and Honorable Doreen Wingfield
Maternal Grandfather - Mervyn Wingfield, 8th Viscount Powerscourt

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