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The Shalane Flanagan Family
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Shalane Flanagan family
The Shalane Flanagan Family
Shalane with husband, Steve Edwards, and with mother, Cheryl Bridges Treworgy
The Shalane Flanagan family will cheer her on in her third marathon ever to run during where else, but the London 2012 Olympics. No worries, Shalane Flanagan was born to be a cross country runner. She is the daughter of professional marathon runners, Cheryl Bridges Treworgy and Steven Flanagan.

The running legacy continues with the careers of both mother and daughter mirroring each other. Both Cheryl Bridges and Shalane Flanagan stretched their legs on shorter cross country races, but in their 30s began trying their feet at marathons. Shalane Flanagan’s father, Steve, introduced Shalane to running when she was in her early teens. It didn’t take long for running to become a shared passion with her parents.
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Shalane Flanagan Biography
Shalane Flanagan (b. July 8, 1981 [Boulder, Colorado])
Parents : [father - Steve Flanagan] and [mother - Cheryl Bridges]

The Shalane Flanagan biography begins with her birth in Boulder, Colorado in 1981. Her and her sister, Maggie, found themselves relocating cross country to Marblehead, Massachusetts when Shalane turned 5 and their parents split. Raised by her father, Steve Flanagan and stepmom, Monica, Shalane proved to be quite the all-around athlete in high school playing a variety of sport including soccer, swimming, cross country and track. While attending the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill Shalane earned two National Cross Country titles in 2002 and 2003. Also while in college, Shalane met her future husband, Steven Ashley Edwards, also a runner.

During the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics, Shalane earned a bronze medal in the 10,000 meter race. Looking to explore her limits, Shalane competed in half and marathons in 2010 which led to her eventually earning her spot as a United States marathon runner in the 2012 London Olympics.

Shalane Flanagan Family Tree
Shalane Flanagan Mother - Cheryl Bridges Treworgy
  (b. B. ? [Indiana] )

Born in Indiana on Christmas Day in 1947, Cheryl Bridges is a motivation to woman runners and especially her own daughter, Shalane. Before title IX equality initiatives helped young girls achieve equality in the world of sports, Cheryl had to push hard to run on her high school track only allowed for boys. She could only run if the coaches from the competing schools agreed. She changed into t-shirts she with her own money in gas station bathrooms near the high tracks.

Cheryl Bridge's successes and steadfastness earned her the first partial athletic scholarship to a public university for a female, which happened to be Indiana University. The honor did not go to waste as she broke many records and eventually set a world record for the marathon before deciding to retire from professional running in her mid 20s. Mother and daughter,Cheryl and Shalane, enjoy running together.

In 1969, Cheryl graced the cover of ”Distance Running News”, but today Shalane takes the spotlight. Today, Cheryl Bidges works behind the camera snapping pictures of runners for her own running photography website she started at prettysporty.com.

Shalane Flanagan Father - Steve Flanagan (b. ca 1947 [?])
Steven Flanagan met his first wife, Cheryl Bridges while working as a Cross Country Specialist for the Colorado Track Club in the 1970s. A marathon runner himself, Steven, made a name for himself in the running world with a record time of 2:18. Steven and Cheryl separated in the mid 1980s while their daughters Shalane and Maggie were still very young. He moved his daughters across country to Massachusetts where he raised them. Steve works now as a retailer of exercise equipment. f: ? (?)

Shalane Flanagan sister - Margaret "Maggie" Flanagan (b. ca 1985 [?])
An adventurer like her parents and sister, Shalane, Maggie Flanagan joined the Peace Corps. She has been station in Madagascar.

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