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The Shawn Johnson Family
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Shawn Johnson family
The Shawn Johnson Family
Shawn with mother, Teri, and Father, Doug Johnson
The Shawn Johnson family helped raise an Olympic champion gymnast that they nicknamed firecracker because they never knew what they were going to get. Born in De Moines Iowa as the only child to parents, Doug and Teri Johnson, Shawn Johnson led a very normal childhood under the coaching guidance of Chow. Both parents were not gymnasts and did not have experience with organized sports past high school teams.

Somehow the little firecracker moved quickly up the ranks in gymnastics competitions while blowing her competition away. Who are the family members of the Shawn Johnson family that supported Shawn in her dreams? Now, everyone awaits to see what Shawn will do with her charismatic personality now that she officially retired from gymnastics competition in June of 2012.
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Shawn Johnson Biography
Shawn Machel Johnson (b. January 19, 1992 [De Moines, Iowa])
Parents : [father - Doug Johnson] and [mother - Teri Johnson]

The Shawn Johnson biography begins with a little girl nicknamed firecracker born on January 19, 1992. Shawn’s parents entered her in gymnastics at the age of 3 to find an outlet for all of her energy and desire to balance on and climb all over the furniture in their home. By the age of 6, her parents were entrusting her gymnastics future with Liang Chow, the owner of an up and coming gymnastics gym in their hometown of De Moines Iowa. Shawn blossomed as a gymnast, quickly advancing up the gymnastics ranks winning and wowing everyone along the way.

Shawn topped off her career with three gold medals in World Championships and a Silver all around medal for the Olympics. Sharing her glowing personality with a bigger audience, Shawn accepted the challenge as a celebrity dancer on the hit ABC television show, Dancing with the Stars. Guided by professional dance partner, Mark Ballas, Shawn Johnson won the Mari ball trophy on Dancing with the Stars in 2009.

Shawn Johnson officially ended her gymnastics competition career in 2012 after not being able to recovery from a knee injury she incurred while skiing. She and the rest of America were sad to not see her compete in the 2012 London Olympics, but enjoyed her sweet smile as an Olympic Correspondent. Shawn is also returning to the Dancing with the Stars ballroom as part and an All-Star cast in the Fall of 2012. What is next for Shawn Johnson .. I am sure her career is just starting in the world of entertainment and sports commentating.

Shawn Johnson Family Tree
Shawn Johnson Mother - Teri Johnson
  (b. B. ? [Iowa] )

Teri Johnson is a proud mother of Shawn Johnson. She worked as an accounting clerk in the local school system. She is very close to Shawn. She always made sure that gymnastics was really what Shawn wanted to be doing and always worked towards making a balanced life for Shawn too. The mother and daughter bonded during Shawn’s many hours in the gym because Teri saw observing every practice.

Shawn Johnson Father - Doug Johnson (b. ? [Iowma])
Doug Johnson’s family is very rooted in De Moines, Illinois. Doug played high school sports in school, but did not win any major awards for his skills. Doug works with his hands a woodworker handling various subcontractor projects around the area. Offering his skills, Doug helped Shawn’s coach Chow fix the gym floors after they were damaged from a major flood. f: ? (?)
m: Gloria Johnson (?)
      Teamed with Shawn in a Frosted Pink campaign raising money for Breast Cancer Awareness. Shawn Johnson's grandmother is a breast cancer survivor.

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