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Simpson Family Tree The Family History of the Longest Running cartoon family: Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie Simpson have entertained us since 1987, where they began their existence as a crudely drawn dysfunctional suburbanite family on The Tracey Ullman Show. The skit gained popularity, and shortly thereafter in 1989 the animated series was born, airing on the Fox network. The show is set in a town named Springfield, which is built around the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. With its array of various landscapes such as oceans, lakes, deserts, gorges, and mountains, it is never clear where in the United States this town is proposed to exist. Within this town in the middle of somewhere, its zany residents exhibit several stereotypical personalities, from the lethargic doughnut- chomping police chief Wiggum, to the corrupt, philanderer Mayor Quimby. The Simpsonís add to this community as a dysfunctional family of five.

The Father - Homer Jay Simpson
Born : circa 1955 or 1956
Parents :Abraham Simpson and Mona Simpson Homer is the son of Abraham Simpson, member of the US Army, and Mona Simpson, a free spirited woman who left Abraham during Homerís childhood years. Homer also has an estranged half-brother, former auto tycoon Herb Powell, who was the result of an affair Abraham had with unnamed woman.

The Early Years
Homer was never an excellent student while in school, and he has always been portrayed as a bumbling goof, causing numerous mishaps and shenanigans in the town of Springfield. Despite his lack of common sense and knowledge, he maintains a job at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. Although he has been fired from his job as the plant safety inspector many times, he always manages to get his job back by the end of the show. In addition to his lackluster skills as a nuclear safety inspector, Homer has also worked as an astronaut, stuntman, baseball team mascot, and tobacco/tomato farmer, among other professions that he clumsily performed the way only Homer Simpson could.

Marriage to Marge Simpson :
Although Homer has made many missteps, he made the best decision of his life when he fell head-over-heels in love with Marge Bouvier. He wed Bouvier in 1974 when she became pregnant with their first child Bartholomew, aka Bart, in a small ceremony at the Luck 7 Wedding chapel just over the state line.

Shortly after the wedding, Homer and Marge Simpson purchased their home at 742 Evergreen Terrace, in Springfield. He has a strong love for his family although they continually find new ways to challenge his patience. Homer acts out in ways that make the average parent cringe with horror, while somehow identifying with frustrations of parenthood at the same time. Homer has also added the word díoh to the English lexicon, as his expression of frustration. Go ahead and play doh next time you play scrabble; itís a valid word!

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The Mother - Margaret Bouvier Simpson
Parents :Clancy and Jaqueline Bouvier

Marge (Bouvier) Simpson is the wife of Homer Simpson, and mother to Bart, Lisa and Maggie. She is the beehived homemaker that is the glue keeping her insane family united. Did you know that the beehive that Marge wears was intentionally meant to mimic the bride of Frankensteinís coif? She is the daughter of Clancy, a wannabe airplane pilot, and Jacqueline Bouvier. She has two sisters, twins Patty and Selma who are generally miserable spinsters that hate Homer Simpson with a passion. Marge was an optimist and an excellent student, who at first was weary of the bumbling Homer Simpson, but she learned to see past his clumsiness and goofiness and fell in love with him.

During the show Marge displays a very high moral character, but she is not without her own flaws. One vice of Marge Simpson is that she has been a gambling addict in past episodes, and has even marooned her family at a casino because she gambled away their car! As Homerís wife she represses many of her own aspirations and desires, to keep the peace in her home, but would not trade her life for anything. Marge was created to mirror the stereotype of the average stay-at-home mother, sacrificing herself for the good of her family, despite the feeling that she loses herself in the process.

The Children - Bart, Lisa, and Maggie
Bartholomew JoJo Simpson :
Birth :April 1, 1979

The first son of the Homer and Marge, Bartholomew JoJo Simpson, was born on April 1, 1979, April Fools Day. He is, however, suspended in time at the age of ten. If he were to age with the years the show has progressed since 1987, he would have celebrated his 30th birthday in 2009!

Bart overtook his father Homer as the lead character in the series quite easily with his antics on the playground and at home. He is a true menace to society, spending more time in detention than anywhere else. He has an obsession with revenge and mischief and has tested every level of authority imaginable. Somehow he either managed to avoid being caught or avoiding a harsh punishment, so he never truly learns a lesson.

In the opening sequence of every Simpsonís episode he is found standing in a classroom writing a different phrase on the blackboard as his punishment for the day. The humorous sentence can be read only if one is quick enough.

Bart has a small group of friends, and despite his rebelliousness he hides from the school bully, Nelson, who he has faced several times over the years. While Bart lacks the strength with Nelson in a fist-to-fist match, he always seems speedy enough to win his revenge. Bart also loves to antagonize his father and sister, often suffering the consequences of his fury. Its no coincidence that Bart is an anagram for the word brat, is it?

Lisa Simpson
Born :September 28, 1981

Lisa Simpson is the first daughter between Homer and Marge. She eternally exists as an eight year old, despite the fact that her birthday is September 28, 1981. She would be 27 years old now. She compensates for her proud under achiever brother by being a humble over achiever. She is artistic, sensitive, and creative, writing poetry, squeaking on her saxophone. and caring for the family pets. She is not often found to be in a mood other than depressed or melancholic. She is a humanitarian, activist, and aspiring politician, wanting to make a difference in the world, someday.

Maggie Simpson
Born :?

Maggie Simpson is the youngest of the Simpson brood. She would be 22 years old if she aged as the show progressed, but as of now she remains a one year old. She is notorious for her pacifier sucking and utter silence. Among her accomplishments is shooting the evil, money money-grubbing president of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, Mr. Burns.

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