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Tim Tebow Family

tim tebow family
The Tim Tebow Family
Tim Tebow with Mother, Pam, and Father, Bob.
  The Tim Tebow Family includes his parents Pam and Robert and four siblings who use their athletic genealogy to promote Christian values and pioneer for the rights of home schooled children like Tim Tebow. The most popular Tebow, Tim, was chosen by John Fox and has defied the critics as a successful quarterback for the Denver Broncos. After a success career start, Tim Tebow was replaced by Peyton Manning. Later, Tim Tebow tried to work his magic for the Jets and then the Patriots, but has not found a stable quarterback position. Tim Tebow's touchdown celebration routine includes him kneeling and thanking Jesus Christ.

Who are the rest of the Tim Tebow family members that support his Christian ministry on the NFL football field? Tim is the youngest of 5 children to Robert Ramsey Tebow II and Pamela Elaine Tebow, who successfully homeschooled all 5 Tebow children, who have each earned college scholarships for their efforts.
The Tebow ancestral roots center in Ohio while most of the Pemberton family members come from the state of Florida. Bob and Pam Tebow began their family legacy after meeting at their alma mater, the University of Florida. Little did the Tebow parents know when they met in 1968 that they would raise an internationally known family that delivers God's message in so many amazing ways.

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What Is Happening With Tim Tebow : Well we were excited for Tebow to backup Brady and the Patriots, but now Tim Tebow has been released from the Patriots. Will this impact Tim Tebow's future with the NFL? I am sure there is more to the story about his departure than his undesirable skills.

Tim Tebow Biography
Timothy Richard Tebow (born. August 14, 1987)
Parents : Bob and Pamela Tebow

Timothy Tebow was born in the City of Makatie in the Phillipines while his parents relocated there for an extended missionary trip. By the grace of God, the Tim Tebow biography exists because his mother defied doctor's and chose not to abort him. She suffered from a nearly fatal condition while pregnant with her youngest son, Timothy. We all know the blessed end to the story -- Tim was born and grew into a strong and athletic child. Along with his 5 siblings, Christy, Katie, Robby, and Peter, Tim Tebow was homeschooled by their mother, Pamela. Homeschooling allowed Tim and his brothers and sisters to learn bible lessons along with reading writing and arithmetic at a time when homeschooling was frowned upon. In 1996, Tim was permitted to play in high school sports, even as a home schooled student, due to a new law that passed in Florida. Today, Tim Tebow serves as a spokesperson for efforts to permit home schooled children to enter public school sports programs in other states.

Tim played football at the collegiate level as a University of Florida Gater. Even at the collegiate level, Tim Tebow's size and speed made him a dual threat on the football field as a quarterback and was often called a freight train. The Florida Gaters Chris Leak was benched giving Tim Tebow the opportunity to showcase his skills at QB. As a sophomore at the University of Florida, Tim Tebow won the coveted Heisman Trophy in December 2007.

In 2010, the Denver Broncos selected Tim Tebow as a first round draft pick. Cut from the cloth of conservative Christian values, Tim does not hide his love for Jesus. On and off the football field, Tebow meets every athletic challenge, even though many sports critics did not believe Tebow could compete in the big leagues. Fans love him for his Christian spirit. While his parents and siblings spread the word of God through traditional missionary work, but Tim Tebow reminds everyone of God love every time he makes a touchdown.

Tim Tebow Family Tree
Tim Tebow Mother - Pamela Elaine (nee Pemberton) Tebow (b. Nov 24, 1949)
Pam Tebow was born on November 24, 1949 in San Francisco, California. Pamela is the daughter of an Army colonel whose career took his family all over the world. Pamela met her husband Bob while they both attended the University of Florida. They married after graduation in 1971 and raised 5 children why Bob served as a Pastor. Pam trail blazed the cause of homeschoolers and pushed for new laws that opened the world of high school sports to her homeschooled children. Once her youngest child, Tim, left for college Pam reverted her teacher responsibilities to public speaking. She spreads the family's Christian message around the globe, most notably her life story of not aborting Tim when she suffered a possibly fatal condition while pregnant with Tim Tebow.

Tim Tebow Maternal Grandparents :
f: Col. Frank Solon Pemberton (7/10/1920 [FL] - 7/28/1973 [FL])
      f: Redden Herbert Pemberton (2/11/1894 [FL] - August 1960 [FL])
      m: Mariam Mardic Taylor (1896 [FL] - June 1981 [FL])
m: Rachel Rae (nee Rawlings) Pemberton (6/21/25 [OK] - 6/9/2011 [FL])
      f: Henry Nathan Rawlings (10/11/1877 [KS] - ?)
      m: Orabel Cheek (Nov 15, 1882 [MO] - Sept 15, 1968 [OK])

Tim Tebow Father - Robert Rambsey Tebow II (b. Jan 27, 1948)
Robert Ramsey Tebow II was born in Florida on January 27, 1948. He devoted his and his family's life to Christ. While at the University of Florida, Bob Tebow, helped found the Christ Crusaders. Upon graduation and marrying his devoted wife, he went on to seminary in Oregon to start his career as a pastor. In 1985, the spirit moved Bob to pack up his entire family (at the time minus Tim) relocated them to the Philippines where he laid the foundation for the Bob Tebow Evangelistic Association. The family returned to the United States in the mid 1990s, probably to allow their talented children to participate in high school sports.

Tim Tebow Paternal Grandparents :
f: Robert Rambsey Tebow I (5/21/1921 [OH] - 4/4/1977 [OR])
Born in Hamilton, Ohio and enlisted in 1943 and served in WWII. At the time of enlistment, Robert Rambsey Tebow I had earned a 4 year degree and worked in the auto industry in Ohio.
      f: Lee R. Tebow (5/27/1895 [OH] - ? [OH])
          Born in Ohio and worked in the Soap Industry according to the US Census data.
      m: Alta F. Tebow (1894-1985)
          Born in Indiana and worked as a housewife and mother in support of her husband and children.

m: Patricia N Atzel ()
      f: Robert Joseph Atzel (Feb. 23,1892 [OH] - Nov 1956 [FL])

          Was drafted into WWI and WWII.
      m: Marie Alice (July 31, 1895 [OH] - June 4, 1970 [FL])

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