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Tom Brady Family

tom brady family
Tom Brady Family
The Tom Brady family tree includes his well-known model wife, Giselle Bundchen and their three children (John Edward, Thomas Moynahan, and new baby girl -- Vivian Lake) and parents, Galynn and Thomas Brady, Sr.

Patriots Football This Week: Tom Brady and the New England Patriots did not meet the challenge playing Peyton Manning and the Broncos in Denver for the AFC Championship title. Going so far is an accomplishment. Go Patriots!

Tom Brady is a muti-victorious Super Bowl quarterback for the New England Patriots, not one time, but three times over. The number of Super Bowl rings would total 4, but Eli Manning, from the New York Giants and the famous Manning family of football, took that dream away.

Who are the Tom Brady Ancestors? Tom Brady Sr.'s family line emigrated to the United States from Ireland in the mid 1850s, during the potato famine. His mother Galynn P. Brady was born and raised in Minnesota where her family settled after arriving to America from Germany and Prussia about the same time the Brady's landed in California. Tom Brady is a mixture of western and eastern European ancestry. His family bloodline is full of very competitive people, but he is the one star that became a household name as a football superstar born and raised in California.

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Tom Brady Birth Date :
Thomas Edward Patrick "Tom" Brady Jr. ( 8/3/1977)
Born Thomas Edward Patrick "Tom" Brady in August of 1977 as the youngest child and only son to Thomas Brady Sr. and Galynn Patricia Johnson. Tom Brady grew up watching his sisters, Maureen, Nancy, and Julie Brady actively compete in sports like soccer, softball, and baseball. His sisters joke that the children in their family even competed over the little things like control over the television remote control. The entire family lived and breathed the San Francisco 49ers with season passes for over 20 years. Tom Brady's football quarterback idol was Joe Montana.

As a high school graduate, Tom Brady was drafted by the Montreal Expos in 1995, but turned the opportunity down to accept a scholarship to play football for the Wolverines at the University of Michigan. He waited two years to shine while the current quarterback took the Wolverines to Championship victories. Then in 2000, Brady was drafted by the New England Patriots. His more than ten years with the Patriots has matriculated into 3 Super Bowl wins out of 4 opportunities, 6 Pro Bowl invitations, and a coveted NFL record of having the most touch down passes in a single season. Tom Brady succeeded in not only becoming a household name, but is now being compared to his idol, Joe Montana.

After dating famous super models, Tom Brady finally is settling down with his own family started with wife Giselle Bundchen. In December 2006, Brady left long-time girlfriend Bridget Moynahan of Blue Bloods while she was pregnant with his first child, a son named John Edward Thomas Moynahan. Today, Tom Brady is living in Boston Massachusetts near Gillette Stadium with his wife, Brazilian model Giselle Bundchen. Together the Brady s share a son named, Benjamin Brady.

Tom Brady Family Tree
Father - Tom Brady Sr. Biography (born 5/6/1944 - )
Tom Brady Sr. grew up in a very devout catholic home in California. As said in a religious speech, his family had the Irish flu. He admits to have alcoholic parents that abused him, but he survived and moved on to raise a stable close knit family. Tom Brady Sr. owns a thriving financial planning business centered on the sale of insurance. His son, admits that if he did not become a football star, he would be selling insurance with his dear old dad.

Paternal Grandparents
Grandfather - Harry C. Brady - born 11/14/1905
  Father - Phillip F. Brady - born 1871 in Ireland - arrived 1888 in San Francisco
  Mother - Ellen G. Donahue - born 6/7/1875 - 4/2/1949

Grandmother - Margaret P "Peggy" (nee Buckley) Brady (7/18/1910-2/2/2005)

Tom Brady's grandmother passed away the week of one of his Super Bowls in 2005. She was a huge fan even hosting Super Bowl parties at the nursing home. Her home was the central location for family events like Christmas and Thanksgiving and for a dip in the pool in the summertime.
  Father - Michael J. Buckley
  Mother - Barbara Lally

Mother - Galynn Brady (Born 1932)
Born Galynn Patricia Johnson in Todd Minnesota. Gaylynn Brady's family tree history comes from Germany and Prussia. Upon arriving in the United States, her ancestors settled in Todd County, Minnesota. Galynn grew up in the small farming town of Browerville, Minnesota. At the age of 18, she moved to California to work as a flight attendant for TWA. This big move led her to meeting her husband, Tom Brady. The Brady couple married in Minnesota on April 19, 1969, but raised their family in California. Once her husband's financial planning business took off, she retired from flying to care for her active family full-time at home.

Maternal Grandparents
Grandfather - Gordon E. Johnson - born ?
  Father - ?
  Mother - ?

Grandmother - Bernice (nee Orbitz) Johnson (8/13/1918-3/7/1999)
      Father - Charles Orbitz - 3/25/1876-9/29/1955
          Father - William Orbitz
          Mother - Maria Ulik - (born abt 1850 in Prussia)
      Mother - Anna Stish
        Mother - Katarzyna Anastasia (nee Koslicki) Stish born in Germany | Nickname : Nancy or Katherine
        Father - Peter Stish

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