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The Tom Cruise Family
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tom cruise family
The Tom Cruise Family Tree
Tom Cruise leads a fulfilling life and an exceptional entertainment career after rising up from a toxic family environment. The Tom Cruise family includes his three children, Isabella, Connor, and Suri. On November 18, 2006, Tom married his third wife, Katie Holmes, during a magical wedding at the Odescalchi Castle in Italy. Sadly, Katie filed for divorce in June 2012 just shy of Tom's 50th birthday.

Both Tom and Katie shared an active sports life, blockbuster acting careers,and their dark haired little princess, Suri Cruise. Although both Tom and Katie were raised from devout Catholic families, Tom Cruise demanded that their very prominent family practice in the church of Scientology. Many believe his scientology activism is was ended both his marriages to Nicole Kidman and later Katie Holmes.
In his public life, Tom Cruise enjoys telling the stories of history within his films that most historians and genealogists can respect. For instance, his epic love story, Far and Away portrays a couple of Irish immigrants competing in the Oklahoma Land Rush. Another film created with his second wife, Nicole Kidman, Stanley Kubric's Eyes Wide Shut depicts an ancient sexual ritual, called heros gamos, that many European secret societies perform. Later he learned code of the samarai warrior, Bushido, which the country of Japan is based within the epic film, The Last Samarai. In 2008, Tom Cruise tackles the role of Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg, in the film, Valkyrie, the story of the July 20 plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler.

Tom Cruise Biography
Thomas Cruise Mapother IV (b. July 3, 1962 [Syracuse, New York])
Parents : [father - Thomas Cruise III] and [mother - Mary Lee ]

Although Tom Cruise grew up moving to various parts of the United States and Canada, his family tree is deeply entrenched in upper crust society of Louisville, Kentucky. His parents raised him as the only boy among three daughters, Lee Ann, Marion, and Catherine (Cass). Each of the children suffered from dyslexia, which Tom Cruise later overcame after taking courses through the church of Scientology.

Tom Cruise's family life cultivated him in the fabulous actor we know from blockbuster films like Top Gun, Mission Impossible, and Risky Business. While traveling from town to town, Tom learned how to pick up native dialects and acted out scripts his mother handwrote with his sisters. Before his parent's breakup, the couple formed the Gloucester Players in Ottawa Canada where they spread their love of the theater with the community.

Tom Cruise went on costar with legendary actors like Paul Newman and Dustin Hauffman. Paul Newman introduced Tom to auto racing and even had Tom race for him a few times. Tom's love of auto racing sparked his movie project, Days of Thunder, where he courted his second wife, Nicole Kidman. The couple's marriage partnership included starring in such films as Far and Away, an epic about Irish immigrants arriving in America and eventually taking part in the Oklahoma land rush of 1889. Far and Away paralleled his Welsh great-great grandfather's (Dillon Mapother) journey from Ireland to Louisville, Kentucky in 1850. Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise raised two adopted children, Isabella (1993) and Connor (1995) before ending their marriage in a divorce. Tom Cruise's production company produced Kidman's horror flick, The Others.

Tom Cruise Family
Katie Holmes (b. Dec 18, 1978)

Katie Holmes with the third wife and mother of his only biological child, Suri Cruise. The Katie Holmes family became a formidable force when divorcing the Mission Impossible star.

Isabella Cruise(b. December 22, 1992 )
Her loving parents protect her from the press. Her artist side has already been noted by adding multicolored highlights while visiting her mother, Nicole in Austrailia.

Connor Cruise(b. January 17, 1995)
Connor Cruise is the second child adopted by Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise. Connor will make his film debut as the younger version of Will Smith's character in the movie, Seven Pounds.

Suri Cruise(b. April 18, 2006])
Suri is the youngest of three children raised by Tom Cruise. She was 7 pounds, 7 ounces, and 20 inches long. Most close family members are already calling her Little Katie. The press has nicknamed her TomKitten.

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