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The Tony Stewart Family

tony stewart family
The Tony Stewart Family
Tony Stewart with father, Nelson, and mother, Pam.
The Tony Stewart family includes Tony and his divorced parents Nelson Stewart and Pam Baas and his sister Natalie. The entire family sacrificed for Tony Stewart to become a powerhouse on the race track. In the early days, Tony began turning heads by continuosly winning big in Go Karts, Midgets, trucks, and IndyCars, and eventually Nascar. The Indiana native, Tony Stewart, tried his luck with Nascar stock cars in 1999 when he joined the Joe Gibbs Racing team. Ever since jumping to the big Nascar ranks, Smoke has created a name for himself as the most explosive and passionate driver to ever test his skills on the big racing ovals. Now he has become a racing business man by starting Stewart Haas Racing.

His parents Nelson Stewart and Pam Boas raised their son to be a winner by investing everything into his success even their marriage. Proudly, Tony Stewart's father says he gave his son his temper. The Marshall or mother's side of the family promotes his commitment and outright honesty. Winning means everything in this family even at the sake of pissing off sponsors.

Even digging deeper we can see how Tony's grandfather drove for Mobil 1 as a delivery man. This Stewart family fact is remarkable because Mobil1 became one of Tony's many sponsors on the Nascar circuit. What a blessing for any grandfather to realize.

Tony Stewart Biography
Anthony Wayne (Tony) Stewart (b. May 5, 1971 [Columbus, Indiana])
Parents : [father - Nelson Stewart] and [mother - Pamela (nee Marshall) Stewart Boas] Tony Stewart grew up in a working middle class family. It was the family dream to win the Indianapolis 500. As a kid, his road to Indy in chartered busses with his father. On weekends, Tony Stewart road around the country competing in different auto racing events . His father Nelson Steward worked double duty with his father as his coach and mechanic while holding down a full-time job as a high school shop teacher. From an outsider view, the father and son team seemed very violent, but their shared extreme passion for racing pushed each other to be number 1 and give their all for each other.

Tony Stewart started racing the go karts as a kid with his Dad, but he quickly dominated with a World Karting Association championship in 1987. Eventually he raced behind the wheel of midget cars, and eventually Indy cars, trucks and stock cars. In 1999, Joe Gibbs put him into a Nascar Sprint Cup car and was not disappointed because Tony Stewart became the Rookie of the Year. Despite Tony Stewarts explosive outbursts on and off the track, he won the championship in 2002, 2005, and in 2011. Today Tony Stewart drives his own car and heads a racing team in various racing circuits.

Tony Stewart Family Tree
Tony Stewart Father - Nelson H. Stewart (b. April 4, 1938 [Indiana])
Everyone knows that Tony received his fiery temper from his father, Nelson Stewart. Nelson raced model stock cars before he settled down to become a father to Tony. His parents did not share his love for racing, but he was not going to do that to his own son. When Tony was seven, Nelson sold his stock car and bought Tony a Go Kart to start their father son racing legacy. Nelson and Tony’s adventures in racing left the wife, Pam, and sister, Natalie, at home. The family also gave up vacations and other entertainment options to support the racing dream. Although his mother Pam supports Tony’s dream, she had to end her marriage with Nelson Steward when Tony was 18. Nelson heads Tony Stewart’s 25,000 square foot race shop located in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Paternal Grandparents :
f: ? (? [?])
m: ? (?)

Tony Stewart Mother - Pamela (nee Marshall) Stewart Boas (b. 1946 [Indiana])
Born Pamela Ann Marshall, she graduated from high school in 1965 where she was very popular as a member of the chorus, pep club and performed in school plays. She is the stable spirit in her children’s lives while her ex husband brought out the intense passions for racing. In modern time, Pam Boas is remarried and works for her son as the treasurer of his charitable foundation, the Tony Stewart Foundation. Tony Stewarts’ mother also plays the role as the pitchwoman for Crock Pot Slow Cookers and takes part in Mother’s Day events at the races.
f: Gaylord Eugene Marshall (b. Jan 28, 1915 [IN] d. Sept 11, 2010 [IN])
      Gaylord Marshall spent 40 years of his life drivig a delivery truck for Mobil One, the future Nascar sponsor for his grandson, Tony Stewart. In 1941, Gaylord spent 4 years as an artiliaryman for the United States Army.
m: Rosemary Ann (nee O'Neill) Marshall (b. Jan 22, 1920 [IN] d. Apr.20, 1998 [IN])
      Grandmother of Tony Stewart and wife of Gaylord Marshall.

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