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Whitney Houston Family

whitney houston family
The Whitney Houston Family
Whitney with Mother, Cissy Houston (above).
Whitney with Daughter, Bobbi Kristina (Below)
The iconic Whitney Houston belted out ballads with a voice that could never be matched by future generations. It has been a full year since we said good bye to Whitney at the Grammies .. may the angel be resting in blissfull peace. The Whitney Houston family tree in rooted with a talented mother, Cissy Houston that paved the way for her daughter Whitney's career in music. One year after Whitney's passing, Cissy Houston has written a book telling her memories of Whitney, a forever child of God and filled with joy. In the prime of her career, Whitney earned multiple awards including Grammy, Emmy, Billboard Music, and American Music Awards.

Who is part of the Whitney Houston family that shaped her path to fame for her angelic voice? For starters, her mother finds her roots in Gospel music royalty, even selecting Aretha Franklin to be Whitney Houston’s godmother. Her father, John Russell Houston Jr., an entertainment executive helped her career from the business side by exposing her to major pop star makers like Clive Davis.

Together with on again off again husband, Bobby Brown, Whitney started her own branch of the family tree and share a beautiful daughter named, Bobbi Kristina Brown.

On the eve of the 2012 Grammy awards, Whitney Houston was found dead in her bathtub. Early police reports indicate death by drowning with no foul play. Our heart goes out to the family of Whitney Houston as they grieve the loss of one of their profound matriarchs.

Whitney Houston Biography
Whitney Elizabeth Houston (b. Aug 9, 1963 [Newark, New Jersey] d. Feb 11, 2012)
Parents : [father - John Russell Houston Jr.] and [mother - Cissy (nee Drinkard) Houston] Born in Newark, New Jersey, Whitney Houston was exposed very early to the world of music. Whitney Houston modeled her musical journey from her mother, Cissy Houston, an accomplished Gospel singer. Other family members shared Houston angel’s love for rhythm and blues like her cousins, Dionne Warwick and Dee Dee Warwick.

Whitney learned to play the piano and trained her voice in the gospel choir in the family church, New Hope Baptist Church located in her hometown of Newark, Jersey. Whitney grew up watching her mother perform in nightclubs, knowing one day she would do the same, but seek even greater fame on bigger stages. Whitney Houston owned the music scene in the 1980s and early 1990s with hits like I’m Every Woman and the Bodyguard’s theme song, I Will Always Love You.

Whitney Houston Family Tree
Whitney Houston Mother - Cissy (nee Drinkard) Houston (b. Sept 30, 1933 [New Jersey])
Born into a large family in Newark, New Jersey, Cissy Houston is most known for her gospel singing talent. In 1938, her equally talented siblings, Ann, Larry, Nick and herself formed the Drinkard Four, a youth Gospel group. Later the grouped added their younger sister, Lee (mother of Dionne Warwick and Dee Dee Warwick), joined the group forcing the group name change to the Drinkard Singers.

By the time Cissy Houston was 21,she had recorded an album with the Drinkard Singers for RCA, was married and divorced with her first child on the way. Her second marriage was to her daughter, Whitney Houston’s father, Russell Houston. While pregnant with Whitney, Cissy formed a new female singing group called Sweet Inspirations with her niece Dee Dee Warwick and Doris Troy. Famous names like Elvis Presley, Aretha Franklin, Dusty Springfield, and Otis Redding enjoyed her talents as a backup voice on their popular albums.

Maternal Grandparents :
f: Nitcholas "Nitch" Drinkard (1895-1951)
      Nitch was of both Dutch and African American ancestry. His parents were Susan Bell Drinkard and John Drinkard.
m: Delia Mae (nee McCaskill) Drinkard (1901-1941)
      She did not live a long life, but she mothered 8 children in that time, of which the youngest was Cissy Houston.

Whitney Houston Father - John Russell Houston Jr. (b. Sept 13, 1920 [New Jersey] - Feb. 2, 2003)
Whitney Houston's father, John, served in the Army before enoying a career as an entertainment industry executive. After her funeral services on February 18, Whitney was laid to rest next her father in the Fairview Cemetary located in Westfield, New Jersey.

Maternal Grandparents :
f: John Russell Houston (?)
m: ? (?)

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