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Family Tree Talk News :
What's in the Blogs :
Here is an interesting blog comment about someone who loves quilting and received a suprise in the mail. It is named Rocky Road to Dublin and was made in 1883 for my DH's grandmother. My MIL was orphaned at age 9 and this quilt was the only thing of her mother's that she had. (Link).
Genealogy Quote of the Month :
Back on it's golden hinges The Gate of Memory swings, And my heart goes into the garden and walks with the olden things -- Ella Wheeler Wilcox (American Poet).
Genealogy Poll of the Month :
We learned this month that 45% of 60 pollsters said yes that they do own a family heirloom that was passed down for at least two generations before them. Go to our home page and participate in our latest poll about our knowledge of passenger ships. The results will be posted in our next Family Tree Talk Ezine.
What's in the Next Issue :
Our next issue scheduled from June 2009 will be very whimsical. The wildly famous cartoon family - The Simpsons will be highlighted famous family spotlight. Also we plan to reorganize our free genealogy resource module. To top it off, expect an update to our Passenger lists page which includes a related family tree craft idea.
What Is New With Our Partner Websites :
Our baby photo charity contest at http://www.pickmybabyname.com has already raised over $60 for three great charities. Parents, grandmas, and aunts and uncles can submit a baby picture and pick a charity to receive their prize if they win. It is completely free to enter and vote. Our prize pot grows as we earn more advertising dollars from the website. Our growing list of charities includes : American Cancer Society, March of Dimes, and Toys for Tots!
New Articles Added :
Family Heirloom Genealogy Clues - Your family heirlooms represent what your deceased family members treasured most in this world and wanted to preserve and share for future generations. To a genealogist, family heirlooms offer many valuable clues about the prosperity of your family, from where your family emigrated, and the nature of your family culture.
Kid Family Art Submissions :
West Virginia
Find more great artwork of families submitted by our talented kids under age 16. We would love to keep adding more family artwork. Go to Family Art page for more details and to view more artwork.
Family Tree Crafty Idea of the Month:
Easter Egg Family Tree
Decorate for the Easter holiday by making an Easter Egg family tree. Each Easter egg represent a member your family tree. The Easter gift ever for your parents or grandparents or a family historian.
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Free Genealogy Resources To Be Added this Month :
Occupations of the Past - This website shows you illustrations of occupations or trades of your ancestors' past.
Kentucky Civil War Rosters - 44 Regiments online, with a total of 35,497 men listed and indexed.
This Month's Famous Family Spotlight :
The Jonas Brothers Family Tree
  As the latest Disney Teen Sensation, the suave dark curly haired Jonas Brothers hit the entertainment scene with a smash in 2008. Their family connections help the Jonas Brother maintain their conservative Christian values, inspirational voices, amazing good looks, and love for soulful music by such icons as BB King. With their three birth places speckled around the United States, this brother singing trio was born to spread their talents beyond any small town roots. Unlike other male pop groups, the Jonas brothers share impressive genetics as well as a lucrative recording contract. - Click here to read entire story.