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Drawings of families tell us so many things about that family, from how they dress and what the family enjoys doing through the eyes of a child. We should all celebrate the beauty of our families like a kid does. We have created this Family Art page for kids to display the artwork they make of their families at home, having fun on vacation, or enjoying other memorable family moments together. Click the link below to submit your family drawings to be included here and in our facebook album. We hope share drawings from every part of the world and all 50 states of the United States soon.

Add Your Family Art Here
Acceptance Guidelines
  • Only 1 artwork accepted per child
  • Artwork Must Use Color, it shows up online the best.
  • Artwork Must Be Tastefully Done because this is a family friendly website.

  • 1. #FA155 - My Family!!!
    Name : Amanda
    Age : 12
    Location : Pennsylvania, USA
    Art Description : This is my family! Please vote for me!
    2. #FA152 - My Loving Family
    Name : Kathryn
    Age : 11
    Location : Pennsylvania, USA
    Art Description : Hi! My picture includes me ,my little brother,my mom ,my dad, my dog Rocky,and my cat Joey. Thank you so much for looking at my picture. Sincerely,Kathryn

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