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This is a new module that we are working on. We plan to allow people the opportunity to throw a question out for help on finding missing limbs or links in their family tree research. For instance, someone may know an uncle Sam moved to Missouri, but are lost at finding further information about them. Someone from that area may be working on their tree and can help connect the genealogy dots. If you already have a question to add, please send them to inquiries make my family tree.com . We will make sure we include them and display them when this portion of the site is ready!

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Make My Family Tree.com is a free online step by step guide that explains how to make a family tree. Other genealogy resources found on this site include family legend stories, images of family homes, and family art drawings made by kids around the world. The goal of this family tree website is to help family historians and genealogist learn more about genealogy in a fun and creative way. Subscribe to Tree Talk Ezine to learn more about the updates of make my family tree.com and read informative genealogy articles.
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