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Welcome To our Free Genealogy Web Sites Directory.
Free Genealogy Resource Options : So you want to plan, research and make a family tree for free? So many options are available online to make your family tree story for free. You will find free genealogy resources web sites offering databases to search genealogy records, free genealogy web sites that make a family tree online, and plenty of tips and historical facts to help you in your genealogy research journey.

Free Genealogy Web Sites - Research Resources.
Roots Web
This a great site that combines many websites and databases to allow you to research your family tree information for free. You will also be able to build a family tree website for free as well.
The US Gen Web Project
We are a group of volunteers working together to provide free genealogy websites for genealogical research in every county and every state of the United States. This Project is non-commercial and fully committed to free genealogy access for everyone.
Genealogy Workshop/ Seminar and Family Research Resources
Resources to help find your ancestors including databases and free look ups.
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Free Genealogy Web Sites - Free Family Tree Makers.
Ancient Faces
Share Memories ~ Build Relationships The AncientFaces Community welcomes you to share your genealogy research and family history for free. Take this opportunity to Join the Community and begin your discovery.
My Heritage
Developed by a group of people in Isreal with the dream of creating a fast, free, and safe way to connect families on the web!
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Free Genealogy Web Sites - Historical Resources
Kentucky Civil War Rosters
44 Regiments online, with a total of 35,497 men listed and indexed.
Mayflower History
The Internet's most complete and free resource on the Mayflower and the Pilgrims, with genealogy, history, primary source documents and a complete passenger list.
The Royal List
A free guide to the royal genealogy of Britain. a database that provides biographical details of thousands of individuals who have either belonged to, or been connected with, the royal family of England and Scotland during more than 1,000 years of history.
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Free Genealogy Web Sites - Family Tree Crafts
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Make My Family is a free online step by step family tree guide that explains how to make a family tree. Other genealogy resources found on this site include free family resources, famous family tree articles, informative genealogy articles, and family art drawings made by kids around the world, and family tree making crafts. The goal of this family tree website is to help family historians and genealogist learn more about genealogy in a fun and creative way. Subscribe to Tree Talk Ezine to learn more about the updates of make my family and read informative genealogy articles.
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