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How to Make A Family Tree Guide
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Now that you have published your family tree, you need to give your family tree life and advertise your family tree to the world. Building a family tree is a lifelong historical journey because the branches or your family tree are endless.

Announce your family tree website
Tell everyone you know about your family tree site especially family members. The initial flow of traffic to your family tree website will tip off search engines that your site is something special and will give you higher search engine rankings.
Here are some ideas for announcing your family tree website to family and friends:
1.Add a note about your family tree website in family publications like Christmas cards - Your Christmas card list can serve as your first mailing list. Since you want to reach family members with the same surname, what better way than to include it in your family publications. Your announcement may get passed to other family members that you may not have included on your list.
2.Add your family tree link to your email signature - Most email service providers allow for you to add an email signature that you can add a tagline for your site. Every time you send an email that gets forwarded, this tagline will be passed around.
3.Create an email mailing list for your family tree updates - Ask people if they want to receive updates on your family tree website or family tree research by email. This can also help to expand your research because other can read it and offer their input by replying to your emails. The more people that you with your family tree research will give your family history a life of its own.

Submit an ad in the Newspaper
Placing an ad in the local newspaper about your family tree may reach more people with your surname that you do not have any other way of contacting or finding. A large part of the population may not know how to find your family tree or book online, but are comfortable reading ads in the newspaper that will direct them to your family tree website. Most local newspapers charge very low fees for ads and also publish them on their online websites which gives you more of an opportunity to attract people with your surname.
Here are some tips for placing an ad in a newspaper about your family tree:
1.Choose a newspaper ad location - Pick a different location that you know has people from your family, but that you have no way of contacting. If you plan to create a collection of photographs and recipes, you know to search for those items.
2.Keep it simple - Do not tell specific details about your family tree website.

For example : Is your name McCloud? Visit www.mccloudfamily.com and add to our family history.

This example may intrique someone enough to come visit while giving the surname and the family website address.
3.Offer a clear way to contact you - When someone reads your ad and goes to your site, make sure your contact information is immediately visible to them.

Make Link Genealogy Link Partners
Search engines view the link popularity of your site very highly when ranking your family tree website. You should still be selective with who you share links with in order to benefit from the link partnership.
Here are some tips for making family tree link partners:
1.Link to sites related to genealogy - Only share links with other family tree sites or sites related to genealogy topics. Google and other search engines give a higher ranking to a website that shares links with sites that present information on the same topic.
2.Link to sites with content - Search engines value genealogy sites with actual content instead of genealogy link farms. With that said, a link exchange page should not have more than 25 links on the page in order for it to garner a higher ranking with the popular search engines.
3.Link to sites with high page rank - If a site with a higher google page rank links to your genealogy website, google considers your site to be more popular than it did before because the act shows that the site with the higher ranking deems your site to be important enough to link to it.
4.Submit your link to Cyndi's List - Cyndi's list is a very strong genealogy site in that reaches many people in the genealogy web community. Once you submit your genealogy website link, it will be sent out the next day to a huge list of genealogy mailing list subscribers.

When we submitted this site to Cindi's list, we received over 200 hits in one day. Then we sat on the new websites page for a few weeks before being added to the Cindi's list genealogy directory that became our home. After doing so, we gained one-way genealogy links from other websites wishing to link into our genealogy content.

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