How To Make A Family Tree Guide
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How to Make A Family Tree Guide

So, you want to find you family tree and where do you start? This simple family tree guide will show you how to make a family tree. You will begin with a plan, then do your research, collect your family tree data and present it as a family tree. We have plenty of resources for making a family tree. You will also find some ideas for making a kids family tree craft too.

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family tree planStep #1. Make A Family Tree Plan
Be smart and make a plan for your family tree project. Your plan should define attainable goals before beginning your family tree research. Answer questions such as : How far back do you want to trace your family tree? A family tree plan will answer this question and more genealogy questions, so your results will be what is important to you.

family tree researchStep #2. Use Family Tree Research Tips
First, find genealogy information with family tree research tools. You can use traditional sources in libraries to free online searches and even pay to use genealogy services that sometimes offer a 14 day free trial. Start searching online for genealogy clues that will help you get the most out of any paid services you may use. Use your research time wisely to get the most out of the time and money your spend.

family tree dataStep #3. Organize My Family Tree Data Tips
Without properly organizing the family tree data you collect, you will not be able to fully utilize the family tree maker to the best of its use. Using our easy to use genealogy coding system, you can label your research artifacts, such as pictures and copies of important documents with an organizational coding system.

publish family treeStep #4. Start To Publish Family TreeOnline
Many options are available for publishing your family tree, such as family tree books and posting family data to online family tree websites. This family tree guide helps you understand what genealogy publishing options exist and how to use them.

advertise family treeStep #5. Advertise My Family Tree
Now that you have published your family tree, you need to give your family tree life and advertise your family tree to the world. Building a family tree is a lifelong historical journey because the branches or your family tree are endless.

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