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How to Make A Family Tree Guide
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Many options are available for publishing your family tree, such as family tree books and posting family data to online family tree websites. This family tree guide helps you understand what genealogy publishing options exist and how to use them.

Detemine a format for reporting your family tree information
Here are some ideas for formatting your findings into a final published report of your family tree information:
1.Biography on one major ancestor - Develop a narrative around the life story of one main ancestor. This effort makes note of the chronological history and the history of friends, family and other associates taking part in this ancestor's life.
2.Compilation of family documents, letters, recipes, and photographs - This record book would be more of a picture book than a narrative.
3.Multigenerational family history - This body of work would offer narratives, photographs, recipes, etc related to each person in the family tree.
4.Documentation of family clusters - This would be a broader collection of family clusters. Each family unit would hold a separate narrative that may give more focus to a patriarch or matriarch of the family unit.

Build your own family tree website
In recent years, the growing popularity of the internet has increased the number of genealogists exponentially. Posting a family tree on the internet is popular and easiest method of sharing your family tree with friends, family, and other genealogists. Family historians can add their family tree data to various online databases in the hope of finding additional branches to their family trees in other parts of the world.

If you are family with web design, creating and posting your own stand alone webpage is not too difficult and may only cost a few hundred dollars per year (if that).

Here is what you will need to post your family tree website on the internet :
  • Webspace - companies will offer for free or rent you space on their servers to post your webpages. Writing basic html is the simplist form, but you can find some companies, like Hostmonster.com, will provide with access to write cgi scripts and hook your webpage to a relational database like mysql.
  • Domain or Subdomain - This is the web address that online visitors will use to find your site. You can register your domain with a cheap provider like Go Daddy.com and then at the time of registration give the domain Name Server name to connect your domain with your webspace.
  • Gain traffic to your by submitting it to search engines and making link partners with other family tree websites. The company that rents your webspace to you may include free monthly search engine submissions or you may want to try out Engine Seeker.com who charges $9.95 per month and not only submits your site, but also provides tools to track the number of visitors and sites that refer you visitors as part of the package.

  • We have listed some excellent websites that offer free access to their sites that allow you to build your family tree on our free family tree resources page. Be sure to add your website url to our growing family tree website directory.
    Here are some books to help you build your own family tree website :
    Planting Your Family Tree Online: How to Create Your Own Family History Website
    Planting Your Family Tree Online, written by the creator of one of the best genealogy sites on the Web (Smithsonian Magazine), takes you step-by-step through the process of creating your own Web site to honor the memory of your ancestors.
    Climbing Your Family Tree: Online and Off-Line Genealogy for Kids
    Completely revised, updated, and filled with detailed guidance on utilizing the Internet, Climbing Your Family Tree -- still The Official Ellis Island Handbook -- is the comprehensive, kid-friendly genealogical primer for the 21 st century.

    Publish Your Family Tree in a Book
    In comparison to publishing your family tree on the internet, printing your family tree findings in a book has its advantages. For starters, you can restrict who reads your family tree data in order to protect personal identifying information of family members. Creating a family tree book is more premanent than data stored on the internet. Thirdly, you can include original documents and other artifacts not easily transcribed in an online family tree.

    Depending on how much family tree information you want to Publishing a book can become very costly compared to creating a website. We suggest contacting family members and asking them to place an order for a book. You will receive more orders if you allow family members to include their own thoughts about their cherished relatives. After you organize your family tree book and calculate how much money you will receive from family orders, you can form a budget for publishing your book. At this point, you will know if you can swing publishing the book.

    Instead of mass producing your family tree books, you can purchase a single book to publish your family tree in a single book. Many family tree books exist that guide you through the process, much like a baby or wedding memory book. This may also be a good option for helping you plan a book that you may consider mass producing for other family members. Don't be surprised that when you show your finished family tree book to other family members that some will wish they had a copy.
    Here are some resources to help your family tree in a book :
    Our Family History: Record Book, Photograph Album & Family Tree with Poster
    Readers get help designing their family trees and a place to store treasured information, achievements, and memories in one volume. 185 color photos & illustrations.
    Creating Family Newsletters & Time Capsules: How to Publish Multimedia Genealogy Periodicals or Gift Booklets
    Learn how to create family newsletters and time capsules that will keep your genealogy information in a presentable format.

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