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Meaning : The meaning of Cyrus surname is "lord" which was used to name past royalty in the region of Cyprus
Variations : Syrus, Kryos
Origins : Polish

Brief History : The Cyrus surame is believed to be derived from the name Cyrus which originates from the Greek name, Kyros. Kyros is the name of many Persian kings. Since the name is associated with Persian royalty, it is no surprise that the last name Cyrus means, "lord". Not only was the name Kyros used by Persion kings, but it also was the name of several saints and even high profile Egyptions.

Famous People : Miley Cyrus (Disney Pop Princess, Singer, and Movie Star), Billy Ray Cyrus (Father of Miley Cyrus and country singer popular in the 1990s for his hit song, "Achy Brakey Heart")

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