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Meaning : This Gomez surname is a compound patryonic last name. Goma means man or path and the ez means son of. Together the Gomez family name means son of the man.
Variations : Gomaz, Goma
Origins : Spanish

Brief History : The surname Gomez originated in Spain as a patronymic name. The most common patryonic surname suffix in the Spanish language is "ez". This means that when broken down, names ending in "ez" are usually variations of a father or mother's personal name. Gom, is a variation of "guma" or "man" in English. Literally, the surname Gomez means the son of the man in the English language.

The Gomez clan of Spain eventually emigrated to the new world in such places as Guatemala, the Americas, Mexico. The last name Gomez was first found in Church registers for christenings and marriages. For example, the christening of Juan Gomez was recorded in a church register in Spain December 1,1535.

Famous People : Selena Gomez (Disney Pop Princess), The first name of the father of the house on "The Adams Family", Roberto Gómez Bolaños (Actor and amateur boxer from Mexico City)

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