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Meaning : The Miller surname derives from the occupation of a man who owned or found work in a grain mill.
Variations : Millar, Mills
Origins : English

Brief History : The surname Miller is one of the most common surnames in the United States. The Miller surname findes its originas with the Old English word, "mylene" which eventually became "milne". The term miller is an occupation. During the middle ages, a miller would provide a place for farmers to come to town and have their corn crops ground into flour for sale in the town markets.

In 1327, the Subsidy Tax Rolls of Sussex provides the first record of a man with the surname miller as Reginald Miller. 18 year old, James Miller, is believed to be the first miller to immigrate to American in May 1637 aboard the ship named "Plain Joan" which set out from London to Virginia.

Famous People : Dennis Miller (American TV personality), Ralph Miller (American engineer of the Miller cycle), Ryan Miller (NHL Hockey Player), Cheryl Miller (Member of the National Women's Basketball Hall of Fame ), Bode Miller (Olympic skier), Shannon Miller (Olympic gymnast)

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