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Meaning : This surname derives from the son of Will and is a nickname for the personal name, William. The first known record of the Wilson family surname is in Berwickshire where the family ruled during ancient times.
Variations : Willson, Wilsone
Origins : English, Scottish

Brief History : The surname Wilson is one of the most common surnames in the United States. First made popular in England by William the Conquerer and later became the most popular last name in England. The name deriving from william which is a compound of "Wil" meaning desire and "heim" standing for the term helmet or meaning a protector.

The first record of the last name Wilson is in the Domesday Book of 1086, of which Robert Wilson is named in 1341 for living in Yorkshire.

Famous People : Carl and Dennis Wilson (Rock and Roll Stars of Beach Boys), Thomas Woodrow Wilson (28th President of the United States), Charles Wilson (won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1927 )

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